12 April current affairs for upsc, state PCs, ssc, railway, bank and other competitive exams

India warning USA on their Maritime security

India and USA is the biggest democracy in the world, both of the country play a vital role in the world related issues. for several years now, India and USA ties always facing tabulation in their International Relation. recently 5 April 2021, USA 7th fleet Destroyer name is USS John Paul Jones, had travelled in the India’s EEZ (exclusive economic zone) in order to challenge India’s claim on associated water bodies USA John travelled near the Lakshadweep Island without the permission of India.
on the very next day India warn USA on this issue and say does not enter in our economics zone without our permission but the questionnaire roses why USA doing this-:
1.for promoting freedom of navigation
2.for showing their navy superior than other
3.USA not accept UNCLOS(United nation convention on the law of sea)
4.for supporting ocean free from any EEZ
5.for showing their superpower title move

India is not the first country who suffered this issue even, USA every time enter into the other countries exclusive economic zones without their permission so that’s why the question definitely comes in the future if the USA will not stop this things then other countries what will do.

new accepted chairman of ECI election commission of india

As per diffrent resource,the very next chairperson of election commission of india will shri.sushil Chandra

Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra is set to become the next chief election commissioner, sources said on Sunday.

Going by the convention of appointing the senior-most election commissioner as the CEC, the government is learnt to have cleared his name for the top post at Nirvachan Sadan.

The order of his elevation maybe issued anytime, the sources said.

Chandra will assume charge on April 13, a day after incumbent Sunil Arora demits office.

Chandra was appointed as an election commissioner on February 14, 2019 ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

He would demit office on May 14, 2022.

Under him, the Election Commission would hold assembly polls in Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

The term of the assemblies of Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand and Punjab ends on various dates in March next year.

Tilak Utsav started on 11th April 2021

as we saw the past few weeks ago, the second wave of covid-19 begin with more faster than previous year. so, to prevent this wave only through two things-:
the first thing is to maintain social distancing, keep wearing a mask and maintain at least 2 gaj Doori and the second one is tika or the vaccination
because of summer, covid increses that’s by government of india started new initiatives that is “tika utsav” according to this initiative government of India boosting the vaccination programme. this Utsav was begin in 11 April 2021, the recent vaccination rate in India is 102 millions Indians get the dose of COVID-19 vaccine and the mortality rate is at the lower level in india

government of India decided to abolish film certificate

the abolishment of the FCAT( film certificate appeallate Tribunal) by government of India in the last week under the Tribunal Reform Ordinance 2021.
why this abolished?
there are several measures has been taken which has given below-:
1. Tribunal has not functioning in a good manner 2.laziness among tribunals transparency
4. improper classification
5. government think to amend of this bill


the FCAT was a statutory body which is established in the year 1983 under the cinematograph act (1952) by the ministry of information and broadcasting

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