How to prepare for the SBI PO 2019 exam? "Or" How to prepare for the SBI Clerk 2019 ", nowadays such queries are being searched on the internet for a lot of time. Questions and Answers are also being asked by candidates on '' website, such as "How do I prepare for the SBI PO examination 2019 without coaching" or "How to prepare for the SBI PO Prelims Exam in 9 days Do and Crack it? "
This article In this, we have tried to answer all the questions mentioned above with some useful tips for preparing for the SBI PO Exam 2019.
Maybe you have heard from teachers of various coaching centers that the SBI PO recruitment exam 3 months is enough for the preparation. But, this does not mean that you can not crack the prelims exam of SBI PO 2019 with 1 month preparation. It is definitely possible to prepare for the year.
After discussions with the teachers and subject experts of prestigious coaching centers, we are providing some useful tips for preparing for this examination, with the help of which the average The candidate can also crack the SBI PO Prelims Exam 2019 in less than 30 days.

SBI PO 2019 of Latest Syllabus All Topics Analysis Do :

In preparing for the SBI PO Prelimits Examination 2019 in less than 30 days, candidates must first do a detailed analysis of the full course of the SBI PO examination.

Examples for for :

In Quantitative Aptitude Section, various topics such as number series, quadratic equation, percentage, ratio and proportion, average, profit and loss, pipes and tanks, time and distance, time and work, height and distance, simple and Compound interest, etc. questions are asked questions.

In the question papers of the last year it has been observed that some specific types of questions are asked from the SBI PO Prelimits Exam 2019 each topic.

Here we take the example of topic ratio from ratio and proportional chapter, then the types of questions that are asked in previous years of SBI PO Prelims are as follows:

Type 1:

: In a school, 990 boys and 540 girls, what is the ratio of the number of boys in that school to girls?

Question : Number 4200 is divided into two parts in the ratio of 3: 4. What is the first and second part of the number?

Type 2:

Question : A man earns 25000 per month per month. From which he saves 5000 rupees. What is the ratio of the expenditure of that person to the proportion of his savings, the proportion of his income to his savings and his income?

Question : Three numbers are in the ratio 1/2: 1/3: 1/4. If their sum is 455, then find those numbers.

Type 3:

Question : The monthly salary of A & B is in the ratio of 4: 5: 7. If C's monthly salary is more than Rs 309, then what is the annual salary of B?

: Annual income of A and B is in the ratio of 7: 6 and their annual expenditure is a ratio of 6: 5. If each of them saves 9,000 rupees per month. So what's the annual income of A?

Note : This Just One is ( and to We Questions of Choice and North Provide No [1 9459008] is ) .

In this way, you need to have a comprehensive analysis of the topics and questions that will be asked about that topic. But once you do this analysis, you will know how much time you will have to give on a daily basis to cover the whole syllabus.

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[ 2 # Daily Base at Mock Test Give and Results of Analysis :

Whether you have read the topic in one day or more but if you want to crack the SBI PO Prelims exam then you should try a solution on a daily basis.

There are many benefits to solving the mock test on a daily basis. If you solve 1 to 2 full-length mock test on a daily basis, then you learn the following:

  • Time management

  • Regarding your preparation level for each section and topic ([1 945 9 015]

  • Where do you stand

  • Some important concepts that can be asked questions

If you do not analyze the results of the Mock Test, then just preparing the mock test will not be your preparation. Keep these factors in mind when analyzing the Mock Test:






Questions attempted

Excluded Questions (Unattempted Questions)

Wrong questions

Time consuming questions

Time consuming sections

Know your weak topics / topics after each Mock Test and practice their topics / topics. After a few days you will find that after every Mock Test your performance is improving day by day.

3 # Regions Very Important is

After reading any topic, it is very important to do the revision. If you want to crack the SBI PO Prelims exam then you want to crack with less time preparation, then you should revive every topic you read on a daily basis.

You should make short and point-of-notes notes with the help of which you can easily revive.

You must revive all basic formulas, namely formula, important questions, examples and concepts everyday. This will not put pressure on you to revive the test at the same time.

4 # SBI PO Prelims Examination 2019 Latest Examination Pattern Familiar Ho

According to the latest notification of the SBI PO Recruitment Examination 2019, 100-digit Objective Type Test will be conducted online in the SBI PO Prelims Exam.

SBI PO 2019: Prelims Examination Pattern :

[1 9459002] The prelims exam will be conducted online, which will include three sections:

Subject of Name


of Number


Max Issue


Total Duration


English language






20 minutes


Quantitative Aptitude




20 minutes


Logic abilities




20 minutes






60 minutes


You have to cut off clearance in each section. So you have a certain time to solve the questions in each section; Accordingly, you should prepare your own strategy for each section.

# Last Year of Examination of Analysis to Learn

Analysis of the SBI PO Prelimits Exam last year will help you understand the difficulty of the exam and the pattern of questions. Through analysis, you will also learn about the most important topics for the exam.

Examples for for :

100 questions were asked in the SBI PO Prelims Examination 2017. Details on section are as follows:



Difficulty Level











Subject Name

Max Issue

Logic abilities


Easy to moderate

Quantitative Aptitude


Easy to moderate

English language



Candidates can create their own strategy for the SBI PO Prelims Exam 2019 with the help of the above information.

The following is the topic-wise description of Quantitative Aptitude Section in SBI PO Prelims Examination 2017. As expected, most of the questions were asked from the data interpretation topic I

SBI PO Prielms Examination 2017 : Question Break-Up Quantitative Aptitude Section

This is just an example and the candidates need to understand section-wise analysis. Through analysis, you will learn about the most important topics for the exam. Like the most important topic interpreting for quantitative aptitude section is the interpretation.

You can see full analysis of the SBI PO Prelimis Exam 2017 from the link below:

SBI PO Prelims Examination 2017: Detailed Examination Analysis and Summary Aksha

SBI PO Prelims 2018: Exam analysis

These are some of the important suggestions for preparing for the SBI PO Prelims Exam 2019 in less than a month. Any average candidate with hard work can crack the exam.

SBI PO Syllabus 2019: Detailed Syllabus for Prelims & Mains Exam

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