5000 years old Vyas cave in Mana village, after the Kedarnath accident this year there is no number of devotees, a family has been worshiping for generations.


  • Guru Purnima is celebrated on the delivery anniversary of Ved Vyas
  • Every year there are huge occasions on Guru Purnima in Vyas Cave.
  • This year Ved Vyas Jayanti will likely be celebrated in a easy method

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Jul 05, 2020, 05:47 AM IST

Today is Guru Purnima. Veda Vyasa, who wrote 18 Puranas and Mahabharata, was born on this day, so it is known as Guru Poornima. Mana village is about four kilometers from Badrinath Dham in Uttarakhand. This is the final village in India. China border is simply a few km away from right here. There is a 5300 year old Vyas cave in Mana village, the place Ved Vyas lived.

Thousands of devotees arrive right here each year on Guru Purnima, grand occasions are held, however this time as a result of Corona virus, this competition will likely be celebrated in a regular method. Pt. Harish Kothiyal, priest of Vyas Cave, says that even after the Kedarnath accident in 2013, devotees didn’t attain right here for a very long time. After that even this year folks didn’t come for the whole season.

Our family has been worshiping in the Vyas cave for generations. These many years have seen solely two years of recession, when folks haven’t even come to Vyas Cave. Donations from the cave and non secular occasions in Mana village are the solely two sources of revenue. There is no help from the administration or authorities.

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Vyas Cave is at an altitude of about 3200 meters (10500 ft), so the devotees attain right here in the summer time days (May-June) and Shraddha Paksha (August-September) for darshan. Most of the time the snow is frozen right here. The devotees haven’t but come for the whole summer time as a result of Corona, but it is the grace of God that we didn’t face any scarcity of something.

Many family members are working in totally different cities. China’s border is not removed from right here and China is attempting to extend issues for India proper now. But, the scenario is underneath management right here.

The historical past of the cave of Ved Vyas is greater than 5000 years old. It was at this place that Ved Vyas stated Mahabharata and Ganesha wrote it.
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Divided the Vedas into four elements, composed 18 Puranas

Veda Vyasa is thought-about to be a half of Lord Vishnu. Earlier there was just one Veda. Later in this cave, Veda Vyas divided the Vedas into 4 elements. Composed all 18 Puranas. The Mahabharata was composed. Ved Vyas additionally composed the Bhagavad Gita with the inspiration of Narada. That is why he holds the rank of Guru and celebrates his birthday as Guru Poornima.

On the rocks exterior the cave, figures like pages of books seem, known as Vyas Pothi. At the starting of Kali Yuga, Bhojpatra written by Vyasa has emerged right here in the kind of stone.

The historical past of the cave is greater than 5300 years old

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Skanda Purana tells about Vyas cave. The cave has a statue of Veda-Vyasa. Near the cave are the Nar-Narayan Mountains. There is additionally Badrinath Dham underneath these mountains. This whole area is known as Badrikashram. It has been advised in Skanda Purana that like Badrikashram, there was by no means and by no means will likely be a place of worship and holy. The Pandavas additionally lived in this area throughout the Mahabharata. The area additionally has the confluence of the Alaknanda and Saraswati rivers.

Vyasji gave Gandhari the boon of having a hundred sons.

Ved Vyas is the youngster of Rishi Parashar and Satyavati.

Veda Vyasa is one of the Ashtiranjeevis i.e. he’ll all the time be immortal. His father was Rishi Parashar and mom Satyavati. At first he was named Krishnadvapayan, as a result of he was a black Varna and was born on an island. Later, when he divided the Vedas, he was named Ved Vyas.

Satyavati was married to Maharaj Shantanu. Shantanu’s son was Bhishma. Bhishma had promised that he would by no means grow to be king. Satyavati’s sons Vichitravirya and Chitrangat had died. Then at the behest of Satyavati, Pandu, Dhritarashtra and Vidur had been born by the grace of Ved Vyas on their wives and a maid.

Near Vyas Cave is the final tea store in India. Director of the store Chandra Singh Badwal advised that devotees coming to Vyas cave and plenty of occasions the troopers of Indian Army additionally come to drink tea in our store. These retailers have been working for nearly 30 years.