Afghanistan: 12 Taliban terrorists killed in Air Force attack

12 Afghan militants, together with a number of Taliban commandos, had been killed in an Afghan air power air strike late Wednesday in Takhar province of Afghanistan. These Taliban terrorists had been concerned in the latest attack on the police headquarters.


Local officers stated on Thursday that Taliban fighters focused Afghan safety forces in the realm on Wednesday in a village in Takhar province. The Afghan Air Force then launched a late air strike on the Taliban boys, in which 12 terrorists, together with a number of Taliban commanders, had been killed. However, there are additionally reviews of civilian casualties in this attack, which is being investigated.

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Encounter continues after attack on safety forces

Earlier, on October 21, 25 Afghan safety personnel had been killed in an ambush by the terrorist group Taliban. Javed Hejri, spokesman for the governor of Takhar province, stated that after the attack, there are encounters between the safety forces and Taliban militants. The terrorists have suffered heavy losses in this encounter. However, it’s not but identified what number of terrorists have been killed in this encounter.

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15 killed in stampede

Thousands of Afghan civilians panicked in a stadium on Wednesday in order to get a visa to go to Pakistan in Afghanistan’s japanese Nangarhar province. The stampede killed 15 folks, together with 11 girls. Governor Ataullah Khogyani stated that 13 folks had been injured in the stampede, principally girls. Most of these killed had been aged.

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