At the age of 12, Acharya reached home to bless 31 days of harsh tenacity

Ujjain News: – Sethi Nagar resident Labhini did austerity, penance accomplished in simplicity program

Ujjain. At the age of 12, Acharyashree Naradev Sagarji arrived at the home of Kumari Labhidhi Katakani, a resident of Sethi Nagar for 31 days of scorching water based mostly fasting. Overcoming her senses at a younger age and with sheer will energy, this woman accomplished the penance of the most troublesome masakshman of the Shvetambara Jain society. Due to the Corona disaster, positive aspects have been made in a easy program.

Had expressed the need to quick eight
Father Manglesh and mom Khushboo’s daughter Labdhi had expressed their need to do eight fasts in the preliminary levels, however additional elevated their sentiments and she or he undertook scorching water-based quick for 31 days. On the event of its passing, Acharyashree Naradev Sagar Suriji, Muni Padam Kirti Vijayji, underneath the inspiration of Acharya Muktisagar Suriji reached the residence of Muni Achal Mukti Sagarji and different sages and sadhus. Here the Muni Mandal blessed the beneficent and supplied a lecture. After this, he was introduced up in the presence of relations. During this time, different organizations together with Shri Rishabhdev-Chagniram Pedhi Trust, Heer Vijay Suri Bada Upashray Trust, Arihant Social Group, Jain Shwetambar Chhoti Oswal Samaj, Subhash Nagar and Laxmi Nagar Jain Shree Sangh garnered a garland of shawls and pearls. On this event, Sohanlal Katkani, Vijay Vohra, Shankar Munat, Rajendra Chelavat, Yetish Bohra, Ajit Nalavaya, Gunwant Shah, Seema Shah, Narendra Jain Dalal, Paras Harania, Ritesh Jain Mirchiwala, Saroj Vohra, Ajay Jain, Chetan Lukkad, Anupam Jain, Anju Munat, Hemant Jain and others have been current.


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