Bihar Elections Opinion Poll 2020: Nitish winning the first 100 seats, Chirag looks ineffective

Patna. Private channel ABP CVoter has executed Opinion Poll for Bihar Assembly Elections 2020. This opinion ballot has been executed earlier than the first part of meeting elections. According to the Opian Poll, the Nitish Kumar-led NDA has seen 66 seats in 100 seats in three areas of the state. At the similar time, no ‘magic’ of Chirag Paswan is seen shifting in these areas.

11-15 seats in NDA account in Seemanchal
Of the 24 seats in Bihar’s Seemanchal, 11 to 15 seats in the NDA-led NDA account are seen to be going away. At the similar time, eight to 11 seats are anticipated to go from Seemanchal in the grand alliance led by Tejashwi Yadav. While separating from the NDA, the Lok Janshakti Party’s palms in Bihar elections might stay vacant in Seemanchal. On the different hand, it’s estimated to be 1-1 seats in the account.

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In Seemanchal, NDA is anticipated to get 28 %, Mahagathbandhan 46 %, Paswan four % and others 22 %.

NDA’s big enhance in Anga area, lamp can open account right here
If we discuss Anga Pradesh, out of the 27 meeting seats right here, the most variety of seats can go in favor of NDA. According to the ABP C Voter Opinion Poll 2020, out of the 27 seats in Anga Pradesh, the NDA account can go as much as 16 to 20 seats. While the Grand Alliance is anticipated to get 6 to 10 seats right here. While Chirag Paswan’s social gathering can get zero to 2 seats in Anga Pradesh. On the different hand, zero to 1 seat is estimated right here.

Talking about the vote share, Nitish-led NDA can get 47 per cent, Mahagathbandhan 29 per cent and Paswan four per cent in Anga Pradesh. Whereas from right here, 20 % votes will be solid in the account of others.

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NDA might get 27-31 seats in Mithilanchal and Mahagathbandhan can get 18-21 seats
According to the ABP News-C voter opinion ballot, the NDA could also be profitable in additional than half of the whole 50 meeting seats in Mithilanchal. According to the opinion ballot, the NDA might get 27–31 seats from Mithilanchal. While the Mahagathbandhan can have 18-21 seats in the account. On the different hand, Chirag Paswan’s LJP account can go for 1-Three seats. On the different hand, one seat will be discovered.

If we discuss the vote share, in accordance with the opinion ballot, the NDA is prone to get 41 % votes in Mithilanchal, 38 % for the Grand Alliance, four % for Paswan and 17 % for others.

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Voting will probably be held in these meeting seats of the state in the first part
In the first part in Bihar, voting on 71 meeting seats will probably be held on October 28. These seats are Kahalgaon, Sultanganj, Amarpur, Dhauraiya, Banka, Katoriya, Belhar, Tarapur, Munger, Jamalpur, Suryagaraha, Lakhisarai, Sheikhpura, Barbigha, Mokma, Flood, Patdhari, Paliganj, Bikram, Sandesh, Barhra, Ara, Agiaon, Tarari , Jagdishpur, Shahpur, Brahampur, Buxar, Dumraon, Rajpur, Ramgarh, Mohanians, Bhabua, Chainpur, Chenari, Sasaram, Karghar, Dinara, Nokha, Dihri, Karakat, Arwal, Kurtha, Jehanabad, Ghosi, Makhdumpur, Goh, Obra, Navinagar , Kutumba, Aurangabad, Rafiganj, Gurua, Sherghati, Imamganj, Barachatti, Bodh Gaya, Gaya Town, Tikari, Belaganj, Attri, Wazirganj, Rajauli Hisua, Nawada, Gobindpur, Warsaliganj, Sikandra, Jamui, Jhajha and Chakai seats, at first. Voting will probably be held on October 28.

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