Bihar Police Old Paper in Hindi PDF

Bihar Police Old Paper in Hindi PDF

Bihar Police Old Paper 2021 – If you put together for any examination, then it is extremely essential to have a superb research materials for that. If you shouldn’t have good materials to learn, you then will be unable to organize any examination very properly. So, for this candidate who’s making ready for Bihar Police examinations, in this submit, we now have given Bihar Police Previous Year Question Paper Bihar Police Question Papers. So the candidates making ready ought to bear in mind these questions very properly. Bihar Police will likely be very helpful for the examinations.

How many volumes are there in the primary and third stanzas of Soratha verse?

(A) 13-13
(b) 11-11
(c) 11-13
(d) 13-11

Which phrases are examples of advantage?

(A) Kavindra
(b) Forest remedy
(c) Devendra
(d) and many others.


The which means of the idiom ‘dusting’

(A) take a stroll
(b) Walking the dusty path
(c) wandering from price to price
(d) strolling mud

Wander from

To whom is an software for depart for varsity written and addressed?

(A) Headmaster
(b) Class instructor
(c) Inspector
(d) Class consultant

‘Kalpalata’ is a set of essays?

(A) Kanhaiyalal Mishra ‘Prabhakar’
(b) Hazariprasad Dwivedi
(c) Kuberanath Rai
(d) Sardar Singh

Kanhaiyalal Mishra ‘Prabhakar’

What is the everlasting impact of Shringar Rasa?

(A) Beauty
(b) love
(c) quietness
(d) Rati Tuss Set

Rati Tuss Set

Soat and Peet Patu Shyam Saloun Gat. Mano Neelamani on sail. Which decoration is used in the stated couplet?

(A) Motivation
(b) Yamak
(c) potential
(d) Pratip


What is the which means of this adage ‘Adhajal gagari chhalkat jaye’

(A) Spill attributable to lack of gag
(b) To ignore the little data
(c) Demonstrate data
(d) Ignorance


“You who have more power than law in your hands
Live hard, go to the fields and do farming
Elevate the rams, fill the water of the clouds
Great breeds of crops produce new ones every year. “
To whom is the poet addressing by way of the above traces?

(A) Lawyer
(b) Laborer
(c) Farmer
(d) younger

Which of the next shouldn’t be accurately matched?

(A) Baburnama-Babur
(b) Shah Jahan Nama-Muhammad Tahir
(c) Humayunama-Humayun
(d) Tujuk-e-Jahangiri-Jahangir


The first forex of India was printed in the reign of which of the next emperors?

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(A) Akbar
(b) Humayun
(c) Sher Shah Suri
(d) Samudragupta

Sher Shah Suri

Based on the advice of which one of many following, provisions associated to fundamental duties have been added to the Constitution of India?

(A) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
(b) Swarn Singh Committee
(c) Iyengar Committee
(d) Thakkar Commission

Of Swarn Singh Committee

Kabini, Hemavati and Amravati are the tributaries of which river?

(A) Mahanadi
(b) Krishna
(c) Kaveri
(d) Godavari

Soil erosion happens mostly in which kind of soil?

(A) Silt soil
(b) Mattiar loam soil
(c) Soil
(d) All of the above

All of the above

Where are day and night time equal?

(A) Equator
(b) on the poles
(c) Prime Meridian
(d) Antarctica

On the equator

The Chola king is known as ‘Gangai Kond’?

(A) Rajraj
(b) Rajendra
(c) Kulottung
(d) Manunimi


During the Maurya Empire, who was often called the pinnacle of a district (meals), the principal coordinator of income, and the officer in cost of common and navy capabilities below his jurisdiction?

(A) Cory
(b) rope
(c) Faujdar
(d) eternally

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Which of the next was a naval energy?

(A) Bahmani
(b) Chalukya
(c) Chola
(d) Rashtrakuta

There was a Council of Ministers known as Ashtapradhan

(A) Under Gupta rule
(b) Under Maratha rule
(c) Under Vijayanagara rule
(d) below Chola rule

Under Maratha rule

Who is the creator of ‘Annihilation of Cast’?

(A) Jyotirao Phule
(b) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
(c) Kanshi Ram
(d) Rammohan Roy

Dr. BR Ambedkar

Which of the next occasions occurred first?

(A) Lord Linton’s Delhi Durbar
(b) Santhal Rebellion
(c) First Anglo-Sikh War
(d) Ilbert Bill controversy

First Anglo-Sikh War

Which one of many following shouldn’t be positioned on the banks of Mandakini river?

(A) Gaurikund
(b) Rambara
(c) Govind Ghat
(d) Guptkashi

Govind Ghat

The Bhilai Steel Plant was constructed with the assistance of

(A) Germany
(b) Soviet Union
(c) United Kingdom
(d) Japan

the Soviet Union

Where was India’s first iron-steel trade established?

(A) Bhadravati
(b) Bhilai
(c) Jamshedpur
(d) Burnpur

This season comes when the solar comes simply above the equator.

(A) Summer
(b) spring
(c) autumn
(d) Winter


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