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SBI Junior Associate (Customer Support and Sales) or SBI Clerk's Prelimits Exam is held recently and in a few days the result of this examination is also coming. . It is worth mentioning that all candidates preparing for the banking examinations will be preparing for the passage in the recruitment process (two-phase) done by the country's largest commercial bank. The total number of vacancies for the SBI clerk is over 8000 this year.

This job gives you a golden opportunity to enter the banking industry. SBI is the largest commercial bank in the country. Those joining SBI as clerks in the bank get attractive salaries and facilities. In this article, we are discussing why the SBI clerk's job is special in the banking sector and what allowances and facilities are available to the clerk in SBI.

SBI Clerk 2018: An attractive opportunity

SBI clerk is such a job, for which lakhs of candidates are included each year. No bank can match the brightness of India's largest commercial bank (SBI) and this is why the job of SBI clerk (better than a clerk's job in other public sector banks) is considered better.

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SBI Brand

SBI has been established as a brand in its history of 200 years. It has a strong background and with every touch of a new dimension in its business, the background is getting stronger. You have a Fortune 500 company in India as SBI and it is one of the world's leading banks.

Appreciation of the work

SBI is the best asset in this aspect because you will be awarded periodically on the basis of your performance in SBI. If you are continuously doing good, this bank will provide you enough opportunities to reach the highest level in the organization. You can get this opportunity in another public sector bank, but due to brand value and growing business, getting such opportunities in SBI is of particular importance.

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Good salary

According to the notification that you must be a graduate to be eligible for this job. Including DA in metro cities like Mumbai, the salary goes up to Rs. 23600 per month. Allowances can vary depending on place of posting. According to the notification of SBI Clerk 2018, Pay Scale for Clerk 11765 – (655 × 3) – 13730 – (815 × 3) – 16175 – (980 × 4) – 20095 – (1145 × 7) – 28110 – (2120 × 1) – 30230 – (1310 × 1) – 31540.

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Chance of Career Development

You do not have to worry about your career development in this bank. You can get your first promotion only after 2 years of service and confirmation. No other public sector bank will give you this facility. If you get promotion on time, you can reach the top within the 21 year period of joining the bank. What could be better for your career development? The biggest example of this is Arundhati Bhattacharya, former Chairperson of the State Bank of India. Arundhati Bhattacharya had joined the State Bank of India as a Probationary Officer in 1977 and on 7th October 2017 he retired as Managing Director cum Chief Financial Officer (MD & CEO). In his 36 years of career, he worked in various departments of banking. This promotion policy is the best in all public sector organizations, central government, and other banking organizations. Even the RBI does not have such an attractive promotion policy / promotion policy.

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Job Security and Stability

Due to working in a public sector organization, your job is secured and once you complete the Probation Period, you become a Confirm Employee of the Bank and become stable. You can never get this stability in a private sector bank ie private sector bank. Maybe you get more salaries in the private sector bank but it is impossible to get job security and stability.

Great opportunity to learn

SBI offers you plenty of opportunities to learn. By working in a versatile and multi-background organization, you will get a chance to learn many new things in your career. If you are active enough to learn new things and go to the stairs of success, you will definitely get the benefit because this bank always rewarded performances.

If you are ambitious and are good at public dealing, then SBI is a suitable option for you. This bank offers you the opportunity to work in a variety of sectors such as Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury Operations, Foreign Business etc. It depends on you how awful you are to learn. The more you learn, the more responsibility you get, the result will increase your workload too. But the monetary benefit provided by the bank for these more responsibilities will keep you motivated. Good Promotion Policy is the best for today's ambitious young generation. After reading this article, you will surely be excited to use this opportunity. So start preparing for the exam from today, practice daily and maintain continuity and finally, do your best on the exam day.

Good luck !!

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