Citizens’ Assembly protests outside municipal office to forgive garbage and water bills

Shimla20 days in the past

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Officials and members of the civic meeting performing outside the municipal office.

Shimla Citizen’s Assembly on the difficulty of the Corona interval litter, water bills, waiving property tax, yellow line of 600 rupees and different parking charges by one thousand rupees and property tax to be charged from shopkeepers, Shimla Municipal Office Performed outside of. The protesters stayed outside the DC office for a very long time with these calls for. The protesters shouted loud slogans to forgive the Corona period bills. Citizen Assembly President Vijendra Mehra and Secretary Kapil Sharma have mentioned that on this interval of corona epidemic, within the six months of March to September, due to corona epidemic, the employment of seventy % individuals of Shimla metropolis has gone fully or partially. In such a tough state of affairs, the individuals of the State Government and the Municipal Corporation had the necessity and expectation of monetary assist, however they’ve distanced themselves from the individuals. Thousands of rupee bills have been handed over to the general public.

Unnecessary strain is being made on the constructing homeowners to pay the bills of hundreds of rupees. Satyavan Pundir, Chandrakant Verma, Gianand, Amit Kumar, Anil, Rajni, Surendra Bittu, Dalip, Madan, Rahul, Bhumit, Gagan, Gaurav, Balak Ram, Kishori Dhatwalia, Vinod Birsanta and so on. had been current.

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