Daring mafia, sand dumps planted along the canal

Built a home on the canal and made it to the boundary canal

Morena. Ambah has encroached at dozens of locations on the Canal from Sikeroda bridge to Chinnoni Barrand. The encroachers dumped the sand in lots of locations, and in some locations it was bounded. The division is conscious however is unable to take motion.

An individual has encroached on the Sikaroda Canal bridge (DRB) by constructing a home and store on the website of the canal. At the similar time, an individual has constructed a home on the Pura Canal of Jatabar and as much as the Boundary Canal and its drain has been discharged immediately into the canal. An individual has completely constructed a home close to the bridge of Nand Pura. Apart from this, 1000’s of trolleys of Chambal have been encroached by dumping sand on one aspect of the canal which is as much as Chinnonni Barrand together with Gudhachambal, Barhana, Nandpura, Bindwa, Deogarh, Lahori Ka Pura, Pancham Pura. Departmental officers usually are not free from the updown. Officers’ trains are operating at Gwalior Morena and their payments are being planted in the subject. Had it been in the subject itself, motion would have been taken in opposition to the encroachment on ABC to this point.

Police doesn’t take motion in opposition to sand mafia

From canal to Chambal to Chinnonni, restricted sand piles of Chambal are in place and night time loading and unloading can also be happening. The police is aware of all the pieces however doesn’t take motion. All that is taking place in connivance with the sand mafia and the police. Most of the sand is being traded in the Devgarh police station space.


Ambah Branch encroached on Canal by setting up Sikarauda, ​​Jatavar and Nandpura and dumping sand on the canal. We have reported it to the police station and have additionally despatched it to the govt engineer.

GK Gupta, SDO, Water Resources Department

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