Dilendra, the main accused brought to Ballia, police will take remand after production in court tomorrow

The STF group, together with Direndra, the main accused in the Durjanpur homicide case in Ballia district, reached the native police station. After this, the STF was handed over to the police. Police will search remand after their look in court tomorrow. The main accused Dhirendra Pratap Singh of 75 thousand was arrested by UP STF close to Janeshwar Mishra Park in Lucknow on Sunday.


Earlier on Saturday morning, Santia Yadav and Amarjeet Yadav of 75-75 thousand named in the crime had been arrested by the Ballia Police. UP police had introduced a reward of 75 thousand rupees on Dhirendra Singh. So far, solely 9 have been arrested out of the eight named and round 25 unknown accused.

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