Dussehra special: In this district, there are burning and Pujte are also Ravana and Meghnad

On the pageant of victory of excellent over evil, learn about a district the place Ravana and Meghnad are lit and worshiped as a logo of evil ..

Vidisha The traditions and beliefs of Vidisha district, which have preserved the traditional tradition in themselves, are also distinctive. The effigies of Ravana and Meghnad are burnt around the globe as a logo of evil, whereas there are two villages in Vidisha district, one in every of which is worshiped by Ravana and the opposite is Meghnad. The effigy of Ravana burns all through the district, effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnad are also burnt elsewhere, however the Ravan village of Nateran Tehsil and the Palita village of Kurwai Tehsil are totally different from it. The beliefs and traditions right here are distinctive. Here Ram is Pujte whereas Ravana and Meghnad are also Pujte. Here the effigies of Ravana and Meghnad are not burnt. It is also particular that the gap of those two villages of the district is greater than 150 km, however in each villages, most households belong to the Kanyakubj Brahmins, who also have many kin.


Ravana shall be worshiped in Ravan village
Special occasions shall be held in the present day within the well-known Ravana temple in village Ravan of Nateran tehsil of Vidisha district. All the household together with the elders of this village and the individuals settled outdoors will also attain the temple of Ravana Baba and provide pure ghee on the navel of Ravana together with providing flowers, turmeric, Akshat and Prasadi on the statue of Ravana. It is believed that by making use of ghee, Ravana’s navel will get aid from the ache attributable to Rama’s hearth. There shall be aarti of Ravana Baba and Ramdhun will also be carried out. The villagers say that this village belongs to the Kanyakubja Brahmins and is worshiped right here as Ravana. For years, the statue of Ravana lay on the open platform, however now the villagers have constructed a temple right here. Here, together with the aarti of Ravana, there is a Ramayana textual content and Ramdhun. Villagers and households right here get Jai Lankesh written on their autos.


Meghnad shall be worshiped in Palita village

On the opposite hand, Meghnad shall be worshiped in Palita village of Kurwai tehsil of Vidisha district. Palita village, 70 km from the district headquarters and 12 km from Mandibamora, is principally Kanyakubj Brahmins. Baba Meghnad is worshiped right here on a platform for hundreds of years. The villagers right here take into account themselves descendants of Ravana-Meghnad. In Pallita, a pillar is worshiped as Meghnad. There is particular worship right here on Dussehra. The rural Meghnad is also worshiped right here as the primary worshiper and village deity. The village also has the stays of an previous stepwell and some historic buildings or temples. The village elder Sarju Prasad Tiwari says that our ancestors have been saying that we are from the Kanyakubj Brahmin households, descendants of Ravana, Ravana’s sons have been Meghnad, so that they too grew to become our ancestors. Sarju Prasad says that Ravana village is about 150 km away from our Palita village, however each Ravana and Palita village have extra households of Kanyakubj Brahmins, in Ravan village we also have many kin, ie solely idols. But in each these villages, there is plenty of relation between Roti and Beti, which certifies our descendants. No auspicious work within the village is full with out worship of Meghnad. The new daughter-in-law or the beginning of a kid in anybody, everyone seems to be worshiped on the platform of Meghnad, later some rituals are carried out. Sarpanch Rajendra Singh, together with villagers Ramakrishna Tiwari, Sachin Tiwari, Neeraj Tiwari, Vikas Tiwari, state that this village has a centuries-old custom that Meghnath Maharaj’s pooja shriphal is obtainable earlier than doing any new work or working new machines. Only after this new work is began.

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