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The main challenging change introduced in the Cat Exam last year is the beginning of the Seasonal Time Limit. Now the Selection Time Limit has been implemented in this examination. Some MBA candidates have welcomed this move, while some say that it will cause problems to the students and the possibility of the Cat Examination will be more difficult.

Before sitting in the Cat Exam 2018, the Cat Candidates must carefully consider the following things –

1. The Cat 2018 format will have three sections, which will include 30 to 35 questions per section.

2. Before going to the next section of candidates in the CAT 2018 questionnaire, in a special section, 60 minutes will be given to answer about 30 odd questions.

3. If we consider the basic math of this scenario then each candidate will get about 2 minutes to solve a question. Actually this will be a daunting task for students and this can increase the level of difficulty of the CAT exam.

4. Generally experienced and well-prepared students also need 3-4 minutes to answer each question.

Actually the Seasonal Time Limit looks like a limit, but it is actually a hidden boon for all MBA candidates. This challenge can prove to be helpful in showing CAT candidates as future business leaders. For this reason, to take this challenge to the forefront, consider the following facts –

Effective Time Management

Take advantage of the time limit

If you are thinking that the Seasonal Time Limit is unnecessary restriction on the freedom of your choice to choose which answer you can answer or answer, it is absolutely wrong. In the earlier format, the candidate used to solve his question without going through one section from one section to another without any time limit. Many candidates in this process used to waste their time by taking a lot of time to understand the new section and solve its problems. In fact they could solve more questions in such times.

Last year, implementation of Selection Time Limit in Cat Exam has been done in a good way and it will work only in the interest of the students.

The CAT 2018 format is very simple and IGI


An hour to answer 30+ questions. So instead of thinking of completing this whole exam in three hours, you think that we have to complete every 3 sections in 1 hour.

Another important thing to keep in mind regarding the Cat 2018 format is the number of questions to be solved in it.

Due to negative marking it is important for candidates to focus more on correct answers.

Instead of the number of questions solved, it would be easier if we look at it like this.

On average, the candidates will be able to answer just 20 questions correctly. If this is kept in mind, then the candidate will get an average of 3-4 minutes for each question which is an ideal time. If you are able to easily answer 20 to 22 questions from one section within 1 hour under Sectional Time Limit, you can score 98 or 99 percent in this exam.

Solutions for non-MCQ questions that do not have negative marking, solve them

Cat 2018 is another way to manage your time better and it is to solve the questions that do not have negative marking.

In the CAT 2018 format, each section contains both MCQ and NON-MCQ questions. Generally there is no negative marking on the non-MCQ question and it is relatively easy to answer due to being familiar with the concept. Therefore it is considered safe.

Candidates should first choose the non-MCQ questions asked on topics of your interest or on any other basis, which you are comfortable to solve first. Once you complete it, try to solve the MCQ questions and set a deadline for each of them. In this also solve the first simple questions then difficult questions

The patience to sit for a long time

Generally, CAT candidates are habituated to study in a short study sessions. It is recommended by almost everyone including their coaching instructors. Although this practice is beneficial in the initial phase of preparation, but this will cause problems in the CAT exam.

CAT candidates must complete their exams using three consecutive hours. But most cat candidates do not get used to it. They insist on solving their difficult and difficult questions on their minds and also solve them. But for those candidates, the Cat Exam 2018 will be a little difficult and success will not be as easy. The simplest solution is to take a previous question paper last year and try to complete it within 3 hours within the Seasonal Limit.

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