Farmers benefit up to 40 in soybean, 75 in gram and 25 rupees per quintal in wheat.

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  • 50 paise mandi responsibility boon supplied farmers promote their produce in mandi

50 paise per hundred mandi payment generally is a boon for agricultural mandis, supplied the farmers promote their produce in the mandi. Mandis may even have to be modified for this. After the Model Act, the existence of 260 mandis of the state has come underneath menace.

Now there isn’t a want to spend cash in the mandis and the divisional zonal workplace won’t be obligatory. Mandi courtyard will not be required in the Act, the customer can set up his personal market and purchase produce. After the merger of the mandi committees with the mandi board, the wage will now be paid from the mandi board itself.

500 crores is spent on wage allowances-pension in a 12 months. An revenue of Rs 400 crores is alleged to be possible in 50 paise. To enhance revenue, farmers may have to carry in extra variety of mandis. URD (Unbilled Business) will cease for 50 paise payment.

In 5 years, inward mandis of 300-351 lakh tons of agricultural produce are in the mandis, whereas every kind of agricultural produce is in the arrival of 850 lakh tons. Before the produce was bought outdoors the market, there was a test. There was a penalty of 5 instances on receipt of mandi expenses.

With the Model Act not being banned, this revenue will probably be doubled whether it is in the best incoming market. Farmers will promote produce in the market itself. It is feasible if merchants commerce in the market solely. Mandi responsibility was Rs 1.70 in MP. It has been decreased to 50 paise.

Hazarilal Malviya, director of the Grain Oilseeds Association, stated that the discount in mandi charges would enhance competitors and the Rs. 1, 70 paise mandi payment, which was added to the service provider bills, will now add 50 paise. This will benefit farmers 40 in soybean, 75 in gram and 25 in wheat.

Karan Singh Patel, a farmer of the realm instructed that farmers will promote produce the place costs are excessive. The Model Act has come into power now. Farmers are at present promoting produce in the market. Payment is assured right here. Agricultural advertising knowledgeable Chandrashekhar Vashisht stated in the dialogue that the revenue from the mandi payment of 50 paise per hundred will enhance, due to which the enterprise in the market can enhance.

Mandi supplies this facility for 50 paise per hundred

  • Guaranteed fee on promoting produce in the market, money fee up to two lakh rupees.
  • Cleaning, water, moisture meter, bathroom, shed, meals for 5 rupees is mounted for farmers promoting agricultural produce.
  • The farmer additionally will get aggressive costs by bidding by multiple dealer in the public sale. If the farmer doesn’t get the public sale value, he can cancel the produce.
  • In the outer mandis of the Model Act, there will probably be lack of premises, pure water, lack of canteen, no money fee of produce, fee from RTGS. Private mandis have seen the absence of this kind of system up to now.

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