From Bollywood celebrities to the common man, the electricity bill in Mumbai gave everyone a ‘big blow’

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Tapsi got a bill of 36 thousand and Huma got a bill of 50 thousandTapsi received a bill of 36 thousand and Huma received a bill of 50 thousand


In Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai, there was a lot of furore over electricity payments from movie celebrities to odd residents. Several stars, together with movie actress Taapsee Pannu, Huma Qureshi, Tanuj Garg, have posted objections on social media towards the respective energy corporations, taking discover of unexpectedly excessive electricity payments.

Following the grievance of celebrities, the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has directed all 4 energy provide corporations in the state, Mahavitaran Limited, BEST, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML) and Tata Power Company Ltd, until the matter is resolved. It is taken, no electricity must be minimize. The matter got here to gentle on Sunday, when Taapsee Pannu posted on Twitter that he had obtained a picture of his electricity bill, final month, he obtained a bill of 36 thousand rupees, which is way greater than common.

Pannu wrote in his tweet, ‘Three months of lockdown and I’m shocked which new gadget I’ve used or purchased that my electricity bill has been elevated a lot in the final month. Not solely Taapsee, Actress Amaira Dastur obtained an electricity bill of Rs 23 thousand from BEST (BEST). He can also be shocked. He advised that for April he has received an electricity bill of 23 thousand rupees and for May 25 thousand rupees.

Apartment vacant, nonetheless received discover

Amaira comes to this bill when she shouldn’t be even staying in her house. She is staying at her father’s home in Colaba and her house is empty. He stated that even when she lived in her house, there was often a month-to-month bill of 10,000. The electricity bill of the workplace of movie producer Tanuj Garg has additionally come very excessive whereas it was closed throughout lockdown.

Office closed, electricity bill of two thousand got here

Garg stated that he’s shocked to see the electricity bill. He stated, “I don’t think that running a fridge can fetch a bill of two thousand.” On June 27, actor Vir Das additionally tweeted and stated about a comparable drawback. Film actress Huma Qureshi obtained a bill of Rs 50,00Zero from Adani Electricity. He expressed shock at this, ‘What is that this new value enhance? Please inform us. He did this by tagging the energy firm.

Apart from celebrities, center class individuals have additionally complained about the elevated payments. Those who used to get electricity payments of 800 to 850 rupees a month, have obtained a discover of two thousand rupees electricity bill this month.

Cleaning of the Adani Group

At the identical time, amidst these allegations, clarifying on behalf of the Adani Group, it has been stated that the electricity payments of the final two months are usually not correct due to the lawdown. Customers have been charged primarily based on estimated readings. However, nobody agrees with this argument being given by the firm.

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