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The MBA placement season for management students is perhaps the most important phase of their academic career. His performance at this stage completely determines the success or failure of professional careers. But when it comes to recruitment, recruiters do not pay attention only to candidates' qualifications and managerial skills, but they keep an eye on their bad habits and other characteristics during hiring. Therefore, it is expected that the students should abandon their bad habits besides making their own policies, due to which they may have difficulty finding salaries with 6 figure.

Of those of you who are interested in understanding any fact in the language of PPT, they can understand easily by seeing the success and failure formula given below.

Always remember that during the MBA placement you may have to face problems due to some of your bad habits or there may be a problem with your placement.

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So to make our recruitment easier, let's look at some of the same 5 bad habits that should keep the MBA candidates always maintained.

1. Do not miss any work on tomorrow

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Do not miss any work tomorrow. It is absolutely true that leaving a job in the future is equivalent to losing that opportunity. As a lecturer, students should try to accept all the challenges that come before them. All possible assignments should be done to complete all the assignments within the prescribed time. While hiring, recruits look carefully at their academics while examining all the students' qualifications. At the time of doing an MBA, sometimes you have to complete many assignments only once. Do not panic it. Complete all tasks with patience, on time.

From time to time, your professors' comments will help you influence the recruits during the MBA Placement Season.

2. Social Media: Use it as Creative

Social media is a very powerful tool of the 21st century, which helps people, marketers and brands to connect, market and promote themselves on the global front without any interruption. But it also has some side-effects. It has become a modern social disease. People spend a lot of time on social media. Instead of focusing on main work, spend all the time on things worthless.

However, using LinkedIn and Facebook to add others to your industry is great, while spending too much time on social media is not right when ignoring other responsibilities. If this is not taken care of then you can be ruined. During hiring, the rebooters also check engagement on your social media through various means. So be aware of this, otherwise surely you will have to suffer loss in your professional life.

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<p> <strong> 3. Not able to draft the correct email </strong> <strong/> </p>
<p> During the course of MBA, you may have fully understood that communication in the corporate world is entirely through email only. This is the most convenient and authentic formal way of communication. The art of maintaining proper communication through e-mail is very important for future managers and recruiters also feel it. Therefore, as an MBA candidate, students should have complete knowledge of business communication and should not take them lightly. </p>
<p> E-mail communication can help you reach the heights and can act as a catalyst in successfully climbing the career ladder. </p>
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4 . S boss is not always right

One thing should be always to keep in mind that it is very important to have a boss in the corporate world to progress. But yes it is not profitable to be a boss everywhere. If you are interviewing as an MBA candidate and are filling in every aspect of the interviewer, then it is not correct. It is absolutely wrong to accept every interviewer interview for your recruitment. In some cases you may have a different idea. Sometimes interviewers ask you questions on your opposite opinion to check your strong will and decision-making ability and want to know if you have the courage to disagree with someone or not. It shows you the tendency to make decisions and be scared.

5. No habit of saving

If you want to become an interpreter, then you need a habit of saving. Avoid fraudulent money. Need capital to start a new business? Capital can be collected through savings only. Real money is made only through savings and investment. Remember, it can never be made by wasting the property.

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<p> Warren Buffett is a very famous quote – </p>
<p> <strong> Rule number 1: </strong> Never lose money. </p>
<p> <strong> Rule no.2: </strong> Never forget rule number 1 </p>
<p> By investing in stock stocks, he made his first investment at the age of 11 and today he is one of the largest corporate Mughals in the United States. Mischief is often called wrong, but people forget that by making a single penny, only an industry is set up. If you are able to tell the rebooters about this habit, then you certainly can be able to reach their heart. </p>
<p> Although it would be difficult to say that all these habits will be lacking in the students. But students should always try that they stay away from these bad habits. This can be imagined in his corporate world in a better future. They gladly accept this challenge and be very careful in this direction. </p>
<p> <em> There is a Jewish saying- </em> </p>
<p> <em> 'It is easier to leave bad habits than yesterday' </em> </p>
<p> <em> If you think these lines, these habits can affect your performance in the MBA placement, then start working on them from today. You will definitely see positive results. <br /> </em> </p>
<p> <em> Many good luck for a happy career filled with good habits. </em> </p>
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