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Hindi-UP Board Class 10th Science Syllabus 2019-2020

UP Board Class 10th Science Season 2019-2020 Get the Silence here. All students should be well acquainted with their latest syllabus and prepare their next study strategy so that they can get the best marks in the Board Examination in the year 2020. This syllabus is according to the content given in NCERT. By joining the NCERT Syllabus in their curriculum for UP Board students, preparing them for competitive exams will now be quite easy.

Revised syllabus for class 10 th Science subject:

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According to the given syllabus, students can easily understand all the curriculum points of UP Board Science subject.

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It is very important for a student to be familiar with the course because it clears all your dilemmas. Students can make appropriate study plans with the help of Syllabus.

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Mind will not look at how to study, these 5 ways to adopt

Here we are also offering syllabus for the past year, so that students can easily understand both syllabus and their differences.

Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Council, Allahabad

Class-10 Science

Courses and Textbooks

A question paper in this subject will be 70 points and time will be 3 hours.







































Unit 1. Prakash (10 Issue )


The pattern of light, spherical mirror and related definitions, the formation of reflection symbol of mirror by spherical mirrors, incorporation of mirror formula -1 / f = 1 / u + 1 / v


Laws of refraction, snail rule, refractive, relative refractive, complete inner reflection, use in daily life, refraction by spherical lenses, form of reflection by lenses, lens formula -1 / f = 1 / v-1 / u (Not incorporated) magnification capacity, refraction of light from prism, deflection of white light, scattering of light.

Focusing distance of the human eye, eye-retention capacity, eye lens and the formation of reflection on the retina, vision-defects (near, long and far-sightedness) and prevention.

Composite microscopic and astronomical telescope composition, theory of methodology and magnification ability (not incorporation of formula).

Unit -2 Electricity and Electricity Section of Impact (15 Issue )


Incorporation of sources of electrical energy, electric current, potential and potential, electric circuit diagram, ohm rule, resistance, combination of resistance (class sequence, parallel sequence).

Thermal effect of electric current-

The thermal effect of electric current, the resistance of the current and the connection in time, the measurement of the heat produced in the conductor, the electrical potency, the various instruments of electrical energy, the equipment based on the thermal effect, the domestic wiring, the fuse, the danger of electricity and the safety device .

Electricity Thara Magnetic Impact

magnetic field of magnetic field, magnetic field intensity, magnetic force lines, horoscope and periphery, magnetic field generated from serial straight wire, rule of right-handed thumb, rule of clockwise screw, magnetic field of electric current in circular horoscope , Magnetic field by Dharwahi Parhanlika, Force on the serial driver located in the magnetic field, Fast charge Force, Fleming's left hand rule, electric motor, electromagnetic induction in elementary knowledge, power generator D 0 C 0 and A 0 C 0.

Unit -3. Chem Substance Process And Behavior 10 Issue

Acid Alkali and Salts

Based on the concept of acid, alkaline (H 3 O + OH 04 – Based on ) (litmus paper, phenopthaline, methyle orange) pH-scale, chemical properties of acid and alkalis, neutralization reaction, types of salts and salts-normal acidic, alkaline, bio, hybrid salts, the formation method of some salts and general properties and use

Running Soda

Baking soda


bleaching powder


Metal and Non-metals

General introduction, the common chemical properties of metals and non-metals, activation of metals (on the basis of the electrical chemical category) metal karma-ore, mineral copper ore and copper pyrite extraction of pure copper, alloy.

Non-metals [SO] 2 and NH 3 Gas production and their chemical properties religion and use.

Elements of Classification

The concept of classification of elements-the triple theory of dobriner, the twenty-eight theory of Newlands, general symptoms of Mandalif's periodic table, group and recurrence, recurring properties (atomic shape, the nature of oxides of connectivity elements), the periodic table of Mandilif Utility and drawbacks, modern periodic rules, modern periodic table.

Unit -4. Organic Chemistry (10 Issue )

Connectivity of carbon – Characteristic of carbon, ability to make carbon compounds, organic compounds, functional group (OH-CHO-COOH> CO) homogeneous range, named IUPAC.

Organic Compound

General properties and uses of hydrocarbons (allephatic and aromatic hydrocarbons), aliphatic hydrocarbons (saturated and unsaturated) CH 4 C 2 H 4 , [Ch 3 COOH and C 2 H 5 Laboratory method of creation of OH (Reactions only) Their properties and uses, Soap, saponification, (reaction only) Soap cleaning process (micell retention On the basis of

Unit -5 Bio Jagat (15 Issue )

Human Body of Structure

Anatomy system, digestive tract, respiratory system, ecosystem, emission mechanism, structure of reproductive system (brief description).

Life of Processes

Nutrition, respiration, transport (transit in water), photosynthesis, transpiration, internal transport in plants

and animals in Regulation and Coordination

Coordination in plants – Plant hormone, oxygen, giberalin, cytokinein, abascular acid, ethylene gas, chemical synchronization in animals-endocrine glands and neural coordination-reflex action in Hormones (brief description) in plants and animals, Family planning requirements and methods.

Tobacco Alcohol and Nasheel Drugs

Effects of smoking, cancer, alcohol and driving, drug addiction.

Unit -6. Genetics and Bio Development (10 Issue )

Principles of Heredity Principles

Father of Mendel Genetics, Use of Mendel, Key Terminology, Mendel's Laws (including Examples).

Human Genetics

Genetic substances, gender determination in humans, gender-linked symptoms, hemophilia, chromosomes and cecil cell anemia, biotechnology-economics and utility.

of Origin and Miller Experiments

Bio development- Lamarkavad, Darwinism and mutation controversy (in short)


Evaluation of the experimental examination will be internal at the school level.

The division of experimental work is the following: –

Three experiments (one from each segment) – 3 × 3 = (09 Issue )

Oral Work – (03 Issue )

Seasonal work- (03 Issue )
Total – ( 15 Issue )

Verifying the rules of reflection.

Verifying the rules of refraction.

Studying the force lines of pen-magnetic

Drawing a voltage drawing section of the resistive.

Find identical resistance to the combination of resistors in the range and parallel sequences.

Using the H paper / universal indicator, make known the following of the following values–

Tanu HCl

Tanu NaOH solution

dilute ethanoic acid solution

Lime juice


Tanu sodium by cobnet solution

Studying the properties of acid and alkalis, reacting with HCI and NaOH to the following-

Litmus solution (blue / red),


Solid sodium carbonate

Inspection of reaction from the following salts solutions of Zn, Fe, Cu and AI metals-

ZnSO 4 (aq),

FeSO 4 (aq),

CuSO 4 (aq),

Al2 (SO 4 ) 3 (aq)

Arranging Zn, Fe, Cu and AI metals according to the quantities obtained from above, according to the category of reaction.

To study the following properties of acetic acid-


Solubility in Water,

Impact on litmus,

Reaction from sodium carbonate.

O 2 (oxygen) gas turns out in the verb of photosynthesis.

Making and studying blood slides.

To show heat produced in respiration.

Performing Transpiration.

Making stomato slides.

Unit Number




Unit 1.




Unit 2.

Effect of Electricity and Electricity



Unit 3.

Chemical substance-nature and behavior



Unit 4.

Organic Chemistry



Unit 5.




Unit 6.

Genetics and Biological Development







Experimental and Internal Evaluation-




Bihar State Post Matric Scholarship for SC / ST / OBC students 2018

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