How to save a child in Sopore, SHO Azim Khan told the entire development

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The soldiers rescued the child and brought them homeThe troopers rescued the child and introduced them residence

  • Three-year-old harmless rescued throughout encounter in Sopore, Jammu and Kashmir
  • In the encounter, the terrorists shot the child’s maternal grandfather, the child crying on the useless physique
  • The safety forces picked up the child from there amid firing and safely drove him to his residence


An encounter befell in Sopore in Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday morning. An image surfaced throughout the encounter has shocked everybody. Actually, throughout the encounter one individual was shot by the terrorists. The three-year-old boy current with this individual sat crying close to the physique of his maternal grandfather. However, the safety forces rescued the child. The complete story of rescuing the child is told by Azim Khan, the SHO of Sopore.

SHO Azim Khan mentioned, ‘When we reached there, there was a lot of firing and a small child was transferring round. There was firing from the different aspect. You might have observed that there was firing from the higher ground of the mosque at the encounter website. All the individuals have been injured in the firing that befell from the identical aspect. One of our CRPF jawans was injured, who later died.

Innocent sitting on Nana’s physique, the most scary image of terror in Jammu and Kashmir

Police and CRPF cowl child with their autos

Azim Khan additional says, “Our job for the child was to first block that view and choose up the child from there. The CRPF and police BP autos that we had, we blocked them first by placing them. So that firing couldn’t come from that aspect. Raising the child was our precedence and it was fairly difficult as nicely. There was no barricade, but we rescued the child by choosing it up. The child was going to Handwara along with his maternal grandfather. His maternal grandfather was going for some work. Our CRPF social gathering was already deployed that firing befell from the identical path.

According to the info, the terrorists shot the child’s maternal grandfather earlier than the encounter began. The child is rescued and rushed to his residence. In reality, in Sopore, the CRPF convoy was ambushed by terrorists. A CRPF jawan was killed in firing from either side whereas a widespread citizen was additionally killed by the terrorists.


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