IAS Prelims Exam 2019

Recently, Central Public Service Commission (UPSC) declared the results of the Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2018. Kanishka of Kota has topped the Civil Services Examination 2018. All IAS candidates want this moment to come in their life too, but it is necessary for them to pass the IAS prelims examination ie IAS prelims examination.

The IAS Prelimits Examination of the year 2019 is scheduled to be on 2 June 2018. In this video, we will suggest IAS to pass the IAS Prelimits Examination to be held on June 02, 2019 for the IAS candidates.

IAS prelims format format

The passing ratio of the IAS prelims exam is just around 3%, it means that out of every 100 IAS candidates, only 3 can pass the IAS prelims exam. This ratio will be reduced even if the number of vacancies advertised by the UPSC is less than 1000 or the number of candidates who appear in the examination will increase. About 5 lakh candidates pass the IAS prelims exam each year, out of which only 15000 candidates can pass it. Therefore, this test is considered as India's toughest test.

IAS prelims examination consists of two papers in which the first paper is 'General Study I', which is given in the subjects related to general studies such as history, geography etc. [ IAS prelims courses And the second paper is called 'General Study II', which is related to recollection, logical ability and English. Both papers are of 200 marks. The General Studies II paper is just qualifying, which is mandatory to pass. Without passing this paper, the IAS prelims examination can not be passed. The cut-off of the IAS prelims exam is determined on the basis of the marks of General Studies I. Candidates who score more than this cut-off are declared close to them.

Suitable lifestyles for becoming an IAS

The format of the IAS prelims exam is not fixed and every year the pattern of the paper can change, so any topic does not benefit much from the greatness. It is important to have the same hold on all subjects.

Cut-off marks of the IAS Prelimits Exam each year are published after the final result of the Civil Services Examination. Civil Service Examination 2018 Cut-off marks are 98 points which are close to 49%. It looks very little to see but it is very difficult to get so many marks in the IAS prelims exam.

Do not underestimate the importance of the IAS prelims exam

Many candidates believe that only the main examination of the IAS (Main Exam) is the true test of knowledge and intelligence and the IAS prelims are over for the eligibility examination. It is very important to break this myth as soon as possible, because no one can reach the top without climbing the initial stairs from the ground. To become IAS, it is necessary to pass the IAS prelims exam.

IAS Examination Course and Analysis of Past Paperlets

The IAS examination course is the key to the IAS exam. Understand the curriculum as broad as possible so that no subject or topic appears to be out of curriculum. This means that everything in the course of the IAS exam can be asked.

IAS prelims exam


To understand the pattern of the IAS exam, the IAS candidates can analyze the questions papers asked in the previous years of the IAS Prelims Examination. This exercise can help IAS candidates to understand the distribution of marks in various subject sections and the important points of the IAS examination. This process helps the candidates in identifying important areas in terms of IAS examination.

IAS Syllabus in Hindi

Make NCERT textbooks the basis for your preparation

The conceptual clarity is essential to pass the IAS Prelimits Exam. Textbooks published by NCERT are very well explained to each topic, which is very essential for conceptual clarity. IAS Toppers also always suggest that the preparation of IAS should be started with the textbooks of NCERT and after reading these texts, read other study materials.

NCERT books are readily available and for the IAS exam, it is necessary for books of all subjects from class 6 to 12 to fall. In the facts related to the question of any subject, the facts given in NCERT books are considered right in the case of dispute. Therefore, their studies are very important.

Be sure to study a standard book for all subjects

It is true that preparation of IAS exam without NCERT books is impossible, but it is also true that only NCERT can not meet the requirement of the IAS prelims exam. It is also important to have a standard book of every subject in preparation for the IAS Prelimits Exam.

According to the course of the IAS examination, the following books can be helpful to you

India's history is often asked a lot of questions about art and culture. To prepare these questions, the websites of ' Facets of Indian Culture ', 'Center for Cultural Resources and Training ' along with NCERT can also be viewed.
For the history of ancient India "History of Early India " is a very useful book written by RS Sharma
Written by Satish Chandra History of Medieval India is the most relevant book for the medieval history section because it has been well explained in the topics of India's medieval history.
For the course of modern history, Spectrum Publications '' A brief history of modern India 'along with Sujata Menon's' 'Concise history of modern India ' book, IAS prelims Very much for the exam Hayek is.
Older books of NCERT are most preferred for the preparation of Indian Geography. '' certificate of physical and human geography for physical geography 'is a very good choice. During studying physical geography, students must watch the Atlas Oxford School. " Physical Geography " is written by Savarkar Singh for physical geography
For the preparation of Indian Polity by Lakshmikant ' Indian polity ' and D.D.Basu ' an introduction to the constitution of India ' is the best books.
' Indian Economy ', Mishra and Puri of ' Ramesh Singh along with NCERT books for the fundamentals and terminology of economics' '' ] Indian Economy and Economic Survey etc.
For the preparation of the Environment and Ecology section, IAS candidates are given by NIOS on environment and ecosystem Must study study material No need. Apart from this, they should keep information about development projects of Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and UNFCCC. .

Books recommended by IAS Toppers

[1 945 9 002] In the analytical reasoning section for General Studies II Paper, many candidates prefer the book of RS Agarwal but they also get help from Analytical Reasoning of MK Pandey Can. RS Agarwal has good coverage on various subjects, but the analysis and interpretation of MK Pandey in relation to the composition is far more advanced and good.
For the preparation of mathematics, S. Chand Publication's RS Agarwal is enough . This book has extensive coverage of the IAS syllabus, and after reading it there is no need to read any other book separately.

Must Read Daily Newspapers Daily

Current Affairs is an integral part of the IAS exam for which daily reading of newspapers is important in terms of preparing for the IAS exam. It is suggested to the IAS candidates that at least one newspaper is read daily and "The Hindu" in daily newspapers is considered best for preparing for the IAS examination. IAS candidates should also make notes on important events after reading the newsletter.

Time Table

In the success of the IAS Prelimits, along with books, daily routine also has a very important contribution. To pass the examination of the IAS Prelimits, a timetable should be followed which will serve as a discipline in your life. With this discipline you can do your own preparations. Management of time effectively to cover the comprehensive syllabus of this examination is a fundamental requirement for success in this examination.

To make a useful IAS timetable, you have to balance your routine. In it you have to focus equally on other aspects of life as well as focus on study. We all know that only 24 hours are in one day. Now, in these 24 hours, the time of the work of gold, food and other daily routine is determined, which is very difficult to change. Therefore, candidates of IAS will have to use the time as the usefulness of time is the key to success. Time is a very valuable asset that has no choice.

How to make an effective timetable

Practice as much as possible

The important suggestion for IAS candidates is to practice the questions based on each subject and test your preparation more often through Mok-test. This effort by IAS candidates will help them identify their weak and strong subject areas. After identifying weak areas, improve them by preparing more of those areas.

Revision is the most important organ

Repeating the study done on a daily basis is very important, so the entire week should be allotted for a full time of revision. If you do not repeat the topics and topics you read months ago, then the possibility of forgetting that topic increases. IAS candidates can strengthen their preparation only from Revision. Since IAS prelimites have negative marking, it is very important to have full knowledge of the subject.

Time Management in IAS Prelims Paper

IAS prelims paper is two to two hours. Both papers have to be prepared for different strategies. First Paper General Studies I – Contains topics related to common sense. This paper has 100 questions and each question is of 2 marks. In this way, the maximum score in the whole question paper is 200. Candidates in this paper should answer the questions with great caution as there is negative marking in it and a third digit is cut on every wrong answer. That is, every wrong answer will be cut by 0.66 points.

To solve this paper, first of all, the questions should be resolved to 100%. When all the questions have been read once, then those questions should be returned to the candidates in which the candidate has some idea. Estimate these questions and solve them. Do not touch those questions which are not known at all.

Paper of General Studies II is only qualifying, but it also requires great caution. This paper contains 80 questions in which at least 27 are to be corrected. Therefore always do the queries first which you are confident about. Follow the same procedure in this paper, which was adopted in the first paper.

List of some important topics for IAS Prelims is as follows (Important Topics for IAS Prelims Exam)

History of India and Indian National Movement

• Characteristics of Harappan culture
• Studies of religions of ancient history – especially about Buddhism and Jainism.
• Mauryan period
· Modern Indian history – the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi After the Indian Independence Movement
• Plans, Committees and Conferences from 1925 to 1946
• Study of all sessions of Congress Party and their presidents and related important Study of incidents
• Role in the freedom struggle of Jawaharlal Nehru, Shahid Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Motilal Nehru, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Lala Lajpat Rai.
• Nehru Report, Round Table Conference, Poona Samachar and Shimla Conference
• Education system under British rule.
• Social status of women in modern India.
• Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwarachand Vidyasagar and Jyotiba Role of Ule

Indian and World Geography

• The concept related to monsoon in India (very important)
Types of climate in different parts of India
Types of crops based on different types of soil and climate
• Major rivers-edge cities
• National highways
National Waterways

Indian Political System

•    केंद्रीय कार्यकारिणी
•    राज्य कार्यकारी
•    सुप्रीम कोर्ट
•    उच्च न्यायालय
•    मौलिक अधिकार
•    मौलिक कर्तव्य
•    संसदीय कार्यवाही
•    रिट्स के प्रकार
•    बिलों के प्रकार
•    संघ और राज्य में संबंध
•    आपातकालीन के प्रावधान

पर्यावरण और पारिस्थितिकी

•    पर्यावरण और पारिस्थितिकी से संबंधित बुनियादी अवधारणाएं
•    पिछले 25 वर्षों में संयुक्त राष्ट्र सम्मेलन और पर्यावरण से संबंधित समझौते
•    महत्वपूर्ण संरक्षित क्षेत्रों का अध्ययन

IAS Study Material

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