Increasing environmental flow in Delhi section of Yamuna river may cause environmental disaster: Haryana

The Haryana authorities has mentioned that it doesn’t agree with the suggestion of rising the environmental flow in the Delhi section of the Yamuna river because it may create an ‘Environmental Disaster’ in the state.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, environmental flow is the water flowing right into a river, wetland or coastal space to control ecology and their advantages and the flow is regulated.

The National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) of Roorkee in its research really useful that in January and February, 23 cubic meters of water be launched from Hathinikund barrage in Yamunanagar, Haryana in place of 10 cubic meters per second in order that the ecology of the Yamuna river is undamaged.

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The Hathinikund Barrage regulates the flow in the river by the Western Yamuna Canal and East Yamuna Canal for irrigation in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh and for water provide in Delhi respectively.

The Haryana authorities in its reply filed in the National Green Tribunal (NGT) mentioned that the state is already releasing 10 cubic meters of water per second from Hathinikund every day as per the 1994 MoU. This MoU will be reconsidered solely after 2025 if one of the associate states needs to take action.

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It mentioned that the state utterly disagreed with the NIH’s advice to extend the quantity of environmental flows as doing so may create an ‘environmental catastrophe’ in Haryana.

The Haryana authorities has raised this topic with the Ministry of Waterpower and appealed to them to not settle for the NIH report.


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