Kamal Nath’s tweet on the incident three months ago, the state government did not get treatment of the rape victim

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Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath tweeted in the Gavli Palasia of Badgenda police station space about three months in the past in August in reference to the rape of harmless onion robes and focused the BJP government of the state.

Kamal Nath wrote in the tweet that nobody in the BJP government, who shouted massive slogans in the incident of innocence, did not take care of the woman nor get her correctly handled. The excuses of the Women’s Congress bought the harmless woman underneath her safety and handled her correctly.

This is the case: On August 1, Gavli took the minor to Ramprasad and his spouse on a motorbike on the bike close to Vivekananda Dame, forcing the minors to go to the drain close to Palas in Palasia. Here, in his gaidown, the chaders went off the shutter from exterior. Gaiden already had a younger man named Gaelu.

Who forcefully raped the woman. The harmless man was against this whereas he was killed in his toes. Due to which a critical chatter got here in his leg. In this case, the minor had filed a report in early October. After which this case of rape was uncovered.

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