Light drizzle continues in the city, strong rain in the region

Mandsaur14 minutes in the past

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From 7.10 am to 11.40 am on Wednesday, there was the impact of strong daylight. People additionally hesitated to get out of the homes. At 11.40 in the morning, the climate abruptly began raining, which stopped at about 15 minutes. After this, there have been darkish clouds in the sky all through the day, because of the chilly climate, many individuals breathed their peace. Even in the night, individuals got here out of their homes and took a stroll on the streets. Apart from this, there was a interval of heavy rains in Kuchaud, Shamgarh and Dalauda areas for about half an hour. Meteorologist Dr. S.N. Mishra mentioned that because of native cloud, there was a state of affairs of rain. Looking at the clouds, it appears that there’s a chance of heavy rain in many elements on Thursday.


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