Magh Mela: Five fair special trains did not get 500 passengers, if devotees did not come, not a single special train could run from Prayag

Very few devotees from exterior got here on Makar Sankranti, the primary bathing competition of Magh Mela. The low crowd coming from exterior within the fair will be gauged from the truth that 500 passengers did not go within the first 5 special trains run on the primary tub competition.

Prayag station is probably the most crowded on any bathing competition. This time trains leaving from Prayag had passengers as common. Three special trains stood at Prayagraj Sangam station ready for the devotees. Devotees have been ready at Prayag station too. Two Mela Special trains from Prayagraj Rambagh to Maduvadih have been visited by 11 and 18 pilgrims respectively. Devotees could not be seen even at Jhansi station. Special trains from Prayagraj Junction to Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Junction, Satna and Kanpur have been empty. If we take a look at the preparations of North Central Railway, Northeast Railway and Northern Railway, no less than 4 and a half thousand devotees ought to have returned by trains. There was an association to take again about three thousand devotees from Prayag.

Empty Passenger Shelter
On the primary bathing competition of Magh Mela, pilgrims of Prayagraj Junction saved ready for the devotees since morning. There is a system of stopping 10 thousand folks within the Yatra Ashram of Prayagraj Mandal. Prayagraj Mandal had made full preparations within the pilgrimage shelter to cease the pilgrims concerning the Magh Mela. In passenger shelters preparations have been made with ticket counters for inquiry facilities, announcement of trains, and so forth. But indicators of dullness of the passenger shelters have been being supplied by autos plying on Leader Road.

Still Nawab Yusuf Road closed
Devotees on Makar Sankranti Snan competition have been few however a portion of Nawab Yusuf Road remained closed from morning to nighttime on Thursday. Police blocked the route from Kharbanda Tiraha to Nawab Uyuf Road to Municipal Corporation Tiraha. There was motion of autos from a gate at Prayag station too.

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