Makar Sankranti: For the first time devotees will be on the oneway harki padi, auto rickshaw and Vikram banned on the highway

Oneway system was applied for the first time devotees going to Haridwar in Bath of Makar Sankranti. Passengers from Upper Road will not be allowed to depart their ft. While Harki Paidi will be despatched from Bada Bazaar and will be returned from Upper Road. On the different hand, as a result of growing crowds in Bhimgowda, passengers will be allowed to come back from Jaswant Ghat to Kangra Ghat. Bhimgowda Kali temple route will be returned. Auto Vikram and E-rickshaw have been banned on the highway for bathing.

Today is the tub of Makar Sankranti on Thursday. For this, together with the visitors plan, the plan for the within the metropolis has been ready by the police. For the first time such a plan has been made for Makar Sankranti tub. While solely 10 to fifteen lakh individuals attain this tub. But the truthful police has deliberate this time like a giant tub. Because this tub is being organized like a royal tub.

SP visitors Ayush Aggarwal knowledgeable that oneway system will be made at Harki Paidi. Travelers coming to Harki Padi from the railway station and bus station will be delivered to Harki Padi by way of Bada Bazaar. After tub, return from Upper Road will be achieved. Passengers coming to Hariki Paidi by parking autos in Bat Island will be delivered to Harki Paidi from Jaswant Ghat by way of Kangra Ghat. Kali Mandir Bhimgoda Marg will be used for the return.

Won’t run on the highway

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Auto, Vikram and e-rickshaws will not be allowed to run on the highway. Although you’ll be able to cross on the highway. For this, the truthful police has directed the policemen on obligation.

Local reductions

From Bhimgowda to Nagar Kotwali, there will be a very zero zone. Vehicles are banned. Local individuals will get low cost in Oneway Plan. Local individuals will be in a position to go to their houses by exhibiting native ID.

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Travelers will not be in a position to undergo the tibi

Passengers going from Valmiki Chowk to Harki by way of the tibi route by way of the hill bypass route will not be allowed this time. A barrier will be positioned on the tibi. Apart from the passengers, native individuals will additionally not be allowed to go. Only these individuals who work in the outdated industrial space or stay on this space will be allowed. For this, they’ve to indicate ID.

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First barrier will be on Rishikul

The first police barrier will be erected at Rishikul in central Haridwar. Fourteen autos will be stopped besides buses. Three-wheelers will be stopped at the second barrier Shivamurthy. There are additionally plans to cease two-wheelers at Valmiki Chowk.


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