Make spicy potato poha rolls in breakfast, not only the taste is also a treasure of health

Often, the ladies of the home wish to make breakfast one thing that is fast to make in addition to wholesome for his or her household. One such dish is known as Aloo Poha Rolls. This dish will keep your power all through the day and can also save your time. So let’s understand how this dish is made.

Ingredients for Potato Poha Rolls

– mustard seeds
-A pinch Asafoetida
Chopped inexperienced chillies
-A chopped onion
-A chunk of Ginger
-A chopped tomato
– Mango powder
-4 boiled potatoes
-green coriander
-1 cup Poha
-1 cup semolina
Half cup yogurt
Salt in response to taste

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How to make Aloo Poha Rolls

To make Aloo Poha Rolls, first warmth two spoons of oil in a pan, add a little mustard, a little mustard, a pinch of asafoetida and cumin seeds. After this, after including onion-ginger, flippantly roast each the issues.

When your onions are flippantly roasted, add tomatoes with a little salt. So that your tomatoes soften rapidly. After frying the tomatoes, add peas, potatoes, turmeric, coriander and mango powder and fry every part. After the stuffing is prepared for the rolls, make poha batter. For this, hold one cup of poha soaked in water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, take away all the water from the poha and hold it for a whereas.

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While the batter is prepared, take semolina in a vessel and add half a cup of yogurt and blend it effectively. Add some salt to it. Now you need to run poha batter and semolina batter in the mixie. Your batter is prepared. Make spherical rolls of potato stuffing and hold them in a plate. After this, warmth the griddle, put poha batter on it like a cheela and make it spherical.

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When the batter begins to roast a little, then add potato-stuffing and a little sauce over it and make a roll. Your poha rolls are prepared, serve them with sizzling tea.

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