Mobile Apps to Increase Study Productivity: Android and iOS

Mobile, Laptop and Computer, these things are not just the means of entertainment nowadays but it has become a necessity and an integral part of our lives too. There are so many examples today for which applications are being accepted by Online Mode only.

Whether Entrance Examinations such as JEE Main or recruitment examinations conducted by SSC or IBPS, these are all being organized online nowadays.

To get success in these exams, it is important not only that you have practiced online well through Computer and Internet but also have a habit of reading through Computer or Laptop.

Some people believe that gadgets get distracted by studies, but there are many other people who believe that they get much help from mobile and computers. Quality education is reaching to the villages through internet. Many people have got success through internet Technology is designed to make our work easier, and how we can use it in studies, we will tell you through this article.

Here we are going to tell you about some such apps that help you to do all the tasks like making notes from Revision to a better way

1. Google Drive

Talking about the File Storage and Synchronization Service, Google Drive is a very important app in which you can save images, PDFs, Word files etc. and any device (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet) From, through Internet, you can access.

How to apply it effectively:

Any notes you make every day, you can upload it to Google Drive by clicking on its picture and access it through the Internet (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile) whenever you want to read it. ).

Whether you want to save PDF or Word files, and if you want, you can share all the documents with your friends.

If you wish, you can save photos of important documents (like Mark sheet, Aadhaar card). If you need an urgent you can access it immediately. Documents uploaded in Google Drive will continue to be saved.

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2. Kindle App

If you like reading books or you're preparing for an exam, then this Android and iOS App will be very helpful for you. Through this App, you can read a lot of books.

You can read books in any language and book any page in it, search any term or search for its meaning too.

You can highlight any text by color. Apart from this, too many people will highlight the portions of this book.

Apart from the apps, you can access Books through Web Browser in the computer via Kindle Cloud Reader ( website. The page you have opened on the App will appear on the computer (this means that the book will be synchronized between Devices)

When we are talking about Kindle, a lot of you people might be thinking about Kindle E-reader (or Kindle Device) which is a special device which is made just for book reading. Whichever special benefits we will ever tell you about.

Here we are talking about the Kindle App, which you can download for free through the Google Play Store. Here you will find some books free and mostly you will have to pay some fees after which you will get the Digital Version of that book and which you can read through this app.

How to apply it effectively:

Suppose you want to improve your English vocabulary and for this you have to read the Word Power Made Easy (by Norman Lewis) book which recommends almost all teachers and how you can improve your Vocabulary by reading it You can read about this from this article (with Video).

This book is famous not only in India but all over the world. To improve the English Vocabulary, this book is considered as a Ram Baran. Experts and teachers believe that almost all the words related to the English Vocabulary are asked by this book in the English section of competitive examinations related to bank recruitment (e.g., RRB / IBPS / SBI / RBI etc.).

After reading this book, any person's English Vocabulary becomes quite good even after the bank prepares for exams or any other competitive exam.

Word Power Made Easy (by Norman Lewis) Book of Hard Copy Amazon in Rs. 100 Getting around RS.


Word Power Made Easy (by Norman Lewis) Book of Kindle Edition Rs. 77 is getting around.

Kindle Edition After the purchase, this book will be immediately in your mobile and will be downloaded in a few minutes. Whether it is internet or not, you can access it anytime.

There are about 47 Sessions in this book and they have been given full knowledge of the words (English Vocabulary) related to all kinds of personalities, events and situations.

You can read 1 or 2 sessions of this book from anywhere and can practice his Exercise. You can lighten the text in it and from time to time, you can revise it. You do not always need to carry a thick book together and you can make maximum use of your time.

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3. Google Jamboard

This mobile app designed by Google has been made keeping in mind the business meetings and this is made for Google Jamboard (a special touch screen TV's Smart Device).

But anyone can download this app for free on their mobile or tablet, and its content can be accessed by a web browser on the desktop other than the mobile app.

How to apply it effectively:

You can add as many pages (or slides) as you like, you can write anything with the help of your fingers and create notes or make a picture in it.

With the help of this app, any of your friends sitting away from you can discuss a question or diagram simultaneously on the mobile screen. They can write in and create something.

Apart from this, this app can help you create notes. You can also download these notes in pdf format by

4. GoConqr

During the study, we often create Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Slides and Notes and so on. You can easily do this work in mobile with the help of this app and also share it with friends.

How to apply it effectively:

Digitally convert the Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Slides etc. into whatever you read in the daily class with the help of this app. If you want to collaborate with any of your friends, you can divide this work.

You can easily do Regular Revision with Mind Maps and Flashcards. In addition to this you will get a lot of help in revising one day before exam.

5. Oxford Dictionary

First we had to keep up with a thick dictionary, but after the arrival of the internet, it was no longer needed and now the convenience of the mobile app comes from the dictionary. Very often it happens that our arguments become a meeting address and internet problem. This app comes in a lot of time at this time. Because you can also use this app as offline.

How to apply it effectively:

For the Vocabulary Improvement, these apps should be kept in their mobile phones so that they can easily understand the meaning of reading or listening to any new word.

So it was some of the most important mobile apps that could increase your productivity much during the study. If you like this article, then read the article below. This will be very helpful for you.

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