On Mahashtami, the collector offered liquor to the goddess, city worship for happiness and prosperity

The move of alcohol will move in 27 kilometers for 12 hours. City worship for the prosperity and prosperity of the city on Mahashtami of Shardiya Navratri.

Ujjain On Mahashtami, Collector Ashish Singh on Saturday morning at eight o’clock in the twenty-four pillar Mata temple, began the city worship with the rituals by providing liquor to Mata Mahamaya and Mahalaya in the twenty-four Khambha Mata temple. After this, a crew of presidency officers and Kotwars left for greater than 40 Devi and Bhairav ​​temples to supply prayers. There is a steady move of alcohol on the 27 km lengthy route in the city.


Avantika, the city of pilgrimage, is giant amongst the Saptapuris of the nation. Devi and Bhairav ​​positioned in the city steadiness the safety and energy of the city. In the Shardiya Navratri, the custom of worshiping them on behalf of the authorities has been occurring for 500 years. On Ashtami, the collector begins the city worship by placing a lime on the goddess. After this, the authorities occasion leaves for worship in different temples. Taking the flag with the dhol dhamak, the dal worships in the Devi and Bhairav ​​temple on the 27 km lengthy route in the city. The liquor full of copper vessel is flown to Dhar Nagar. It is believed that the persons are glad with it and present prosperity and prosperity to the city.

27 km journey in 12 hours
The yatra begins after providing prayers at the Mahalaya and Mahamaya temples of the Collector. The journey, which lasts for about 27 km, takes 12 hours. Along the journey there’s a copper pot full of liquor, with a gap in the backside, which retains the wine flowing, it continues repeatedly for the complete journey of 27 kilometers. During the yatra, devotees stroll with the administrative employees and supply liquor to the 40 temples of the city. The yatra begins at the well-known 24 Khamba Mata temple in the morning and ends solely after 12 hours by hoisting the flag on the summit of Baba Mahakal’s temple.

Worship with make-up and cigarettes
Nagar Puja, which started with the worship of Mata Mahamaya, can be worshiped in 9 such Goddess temples in the city. These temples convey full dressing earlier than the journey for worship. In these temples, hungry mom, 64 Yogini, Chamunda Mata, Bahadurganj Mata temple, Garhkalika and Nagar Kot ki Rani are worshiped in the temple. After the worship of those 9 goddesses, Masania Bhairava is worshiped on Chakratirtha. The temple is worshiped by providing cigarettes. Masania Bhairav ​​protects the city.

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