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The main part of your selection in SBI PO 2019 will depend on quantitative attitudes and data analysis. That's why we have brought detailed strategies for you to get a Master in this section so that you can make it easier during the actual exam.

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The SBI PO 2019 Priilms Examination will be held in the month of July. This is a dream job for all of you and you should be prepared to give your best in this examination of your life.

SBI PO 2019: Data Analysis Syllabus

Last year, for most candidates, the segment with quant and data interpretation was extremely difficult. For the general category candidates in 2016, Sections of 60 out of 60 were just 9 and this was the highest Sections cut off. This year also, you will need to work hard to get good marks in this section. However, it is compulsory to understand the level of questions asked in this section of SBI PO.

  • Questions of Profit and Losses: The important part of the Syllabus is the chapter of profit and loss. Surely 1-2 questions will definitely be asked from this chapter in both the prelims and men's exams. These questions are not difficult but they are very long and they have to be multiplied to solve them.

  • Time and distance, time and work related questions: In both phases of the exam, you will definitely be asked questions from these chapters. Due to the wide nature of Syllabus, the questions asked by these chapters are often complicated.

  • Mixing and assertion (mixer and alignment): Questions are not difficult but calculations are intriguing. Every time you have to work hard for one and two points. Occasionally, if you do not understand the concepts of this chapter, then it would be better to leave the questions.
  • Ordinary and Compound Interest: Another chapter that requires a lot of calculation, but with the help of the same, you have many short formulas to solve the questions. To speedily solve these questions, you should have a good grip on the shortcut methods of calculation.

  • Data Sufficient: These questions are very time consuming, since you have to calculate both options to get the most answers. You need to understand which one of these questions to leave and who needs to solve.

  • Data Analysis: Men's Examination (Main Examination) will be based primarily on the questions of data analysis. In this you will find Pie Chart, Bar Graph, Series Missing Data etc. These are quite time-consuming and you should do a lot of exercises to get good marks in the data analysis section of this examination.

  • Quadratic Equation, Number Series, Inequality (Island Equation, Number Series, Inequality): In Quant section this is an area in which you can bring good marks. You should have a good grip on numbers of different types of relationships or numbers of Odd One Out types in the number series. The questions of quadratic equations should also come to you to solve faster. This is the subject in SBI PO, in which you can get good marks.
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    Quantitative Aptitude: How to gain expertise in it?

    To get good points in the Quant section of SBI PO, you should focus on the following areas:

    • Initially clarify your basics: This is the most important thing for all segments. There are many rules and principles in the Quant section and you need to remember all of them to bring good marks.

    • Practice from CAT books: SBI PO Quant level is slightly lower than Cat's level and therefore, with the preparation of CAT books in the case of solving difficult and complex questions Practice will make you different from others. Take CAT standard book to practice correctly.

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    • Prepare yourself according to the time given for the segment: The main exam (men's) for all segments will give you the scheduled time. Once the time given for the segment ended, you will not be allowed to solve its questions again.

    • The full test should be given at the end of the mock test: Before the actual exam, you should provide a full length mock test so that you know about your strengths and weaknesses and then you work on it Able to You can give any standard test for this and you will know which topic you need to work hard and often.

    • Deadline for preparation: This month should be used to understand the basics of various chapters of Syllabus, in the next month with the Selectional Test as well as in chapter-wise practice of various standard books of CAT. The last month before the prelims must be devoted to the full-length mock test for both Prielms and Men's. Keeping in mind the main exam (Men's Examination), start preparations.

    Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation are not very difficult sections, but there are problems with the time-consuming tendency among the questions to be asked. You need good practice to solve the problems without taking much time in the exam. The main strategy should be to understand the basics of different chapters this month and start with a minimum of 3 hours practice a day after this month. This will definitely give you good marks in this section in the real test.

    Good luck.

    SBI PO Syllabus 2019: Detailed Syllabus for Prelims & Mains Exam

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