Rahul Gandhi became aggressive on Modi government as soon as he returned from vacation, said – remember my point, agricultural laws will have to be withdrawn

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday focused the central government over the difficulty of three central agricultural laws and alleged that the government was conspiring to kill farmers. Rahul Gandhi additionally confidently claimed that the Modi government would be compelled to withdraw the agricultural laws. He insisted that his phrases be remembered. It additionally said that the Congress will stand with the farmers.

Rahul Gandhi, whereas talking to reporters in Madurai, additionally claimed that the central government was attempting to profit his ‘two-three pals’. In response to a query, he said, “The government is not only neglecting the farmers, but is also plotting to ruin them.”

Rahul Gandhi alleged, “The government wants to take land from farmers and give it to their friends.” The government is suppressing the farmers and serving to some merchants. Expressing the assist of the Congress in direction of farmers, he said that it’s vital to repeal these three laws.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Remember me later.” The government will be compelled to withdraw these laws. Remember what I have said. “The Congress leader accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of not helping the common people during the corona virus epidemic and questioned,” Whose Prime Minister are you? “. He also said,” Why is the Prime Minister silent on the China-India impasse? Why are the individuals of China sitting throughout the boundary of India? ”

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