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Nursing course in India is not only for great and prestigious businesses, but also for people seeking higher salaries. Nursing course is a health care profession which involves the care of sick or injured or diseases. Nursing is an essential part of any health care system.

Nursing involves almost all the departments of the hospital, from pediatrics to intensive care. Nursing is not just technical information, it plays a major role in creating a positive environment for patients. Since it involves service to mankind, it is known as ‘Noble Business’. A nurse is known as a ‘nurse’, a nurse, according to the status of his qualification and health care environment, according to many activities Performs. In a typical environment, a nurse takes care of the bedside care of the patients at the junior level, while managing them at the senior level and managing the special group of patients of various departments, distributing medicines in their duty, keeping track of progress of the patient, medical equipment Establishment, administration and many other regular work.

Nursing in India is managed by ‘Indian Nursing Council’. This Council is an autonomous body of Government of India, Health and Family Welfare Ministry. It was constituted by the Central Government under Section 3 (1) of the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947 of Parliament. Various nursing colleges offer various types of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, although the most are done which is necessary for hospital environments. Nursing is a challenging profession, it requires long hours of physical and mental work, and thus requires endurance, strength, and courage.

List of nursing courses in India:

  1. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Nursing) – Bachelor of Science Honors in Nursing
  2. B.Sc. (Nursing) – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  3. B.Sc. (Post Certificate) – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Post Certificate)
  4. M.D. Midwifery-Doctor of Medicine in Midwifery
  5. M.Phil. (Nursing) – Master of Philosophy in Nursing
  6. M.Sc. (Child Health Nursing) – Master of Science in Child Health Nursing
  7. M.Sc. (Community Health Nursing) – Master of Science in Community Health Nursing
  8. M.Sc. (Maternity Nursing) – Master of Science in Maternity Nursing
  9. M.Sc. (Medical-Surgical Nursing) – Master of Science in Medical-Surgical Nursing
  10. M.Sc. (Mental Health Nursing) – Master of Science in Mental Health Nursing
  11. M.Sc. (Nursing) – Master of Science in Nursing
  12. M.Sc. (OBST and Gyane Nursing) – Master of Science in OBST and Gyane Nursing
  13. M.Sc. (Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing) – Master of Science in Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing
  14. M.Sc. (Paediatric Nursing) – Master of Science in Pediatric / Pediatric Nursing
  15. M.Sc. (Psychiatric Nursing) – Master of Science in Psychiatric Nursing
  16. P.B.B.Sc. (Nursing) -Post Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  17. Ph.D. (Nursing) – Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

Diploma Course in Nursing:

  1. A.N.M. (Nursing)
  2. Advanced Diploma in Ophthalmic Care Management
  3. D.N.A.
  4. Diploma in CVT Nursing
  5. Diploma in Emergency and Trauma Care Technician
  6. Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (G.N.M.)
  7. Diploma in Health Assistant (DHA)
  8. Diploma in Home Nursing (D.H.N.)
  9. Diploma in Neuro Nursing
  10. Diploma in Nursing Administration
  11. Diploma in Nursing Education and Administration
  12. Post Basic Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
  13. Post Basic Diploma in Operation Room Nursing (PBDORN)
  14. Post Basic Diploma in Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Nursing
  15. Postgraduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
  16. Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency Nursing
  17. Postgraduate Diploma in Neo-Natal Nursing
  18. Postgraduate Diploma in Pediatric Critical Care Nursing

What is BSc Nursing? B.Sc. Information about Nursing Entrance Exam & B.Sc Nursing Syllabus etc. !!

Certificate Course in Nursing:

  1. Certificate Course in Auxiliary Nurse and Mid-wife
  2. Certificate course in Ayurvedic Nursing
  3. Certificate in Care Waste Management (CHCWM)
  4. Certificate in Home Nursing
  5. Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Care (CMCHC)
  6. Certificate in Primary Nursing Management (CPNM)

Some special areas of nursing course:

Hospital Nursing Course – When a hospital requires nursing which is called hospital nursing. Hospital nurse is involved in various areas of work such as surgery, maternity, intensive care, pediatric, maternity, rehabilitation, etc.

Home Health Nursing Course – This is special nursing, where registered nurses provide home care to patients.

Industrial Nursing / Occupational Health Nursing Course – When the field of nursing is for the industry, it is called Industrial Nursing / Occupational Health Nursing. Here the nurses work towards industrial practitioners and assist in taking preventive safety measures. Here nurses provide emergency care during the accidents of industrial complexes.

Military Nursing Course – Nursing provided in the health care services of the Armed Forces is known as military nursing.

Orthopedic Nursing Course – When the field of nursing involves the improvement of the injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and related muscles, it is called orthopedic nursing.

Pediatric Nursing Course – Nursing Field, which is related to the care of sick children and children, is known as pediatric nursing.

[1 945 9 005] Public Health Nursing / Community Health Nursing Course – Public health nurses/health workers work in public and private clinics and health departments in urban and rural areas to provide basic medical services for local populations. They direct the individuals, families and other groups in health education, disease prevention, nutrition, and child care, they arrange immunization, blood pressure tests, and other health check-ups

Psychiatry Nursing Course – Nursing course related to patients suffering from emotional and psychological distress, they are known as psychiatric nursing. Work here with nurse, psychiatrists, doctors, and other specialists

Basic Requirements

The basic requirements for becoming a nurse at various educational levels are:

ANM – Auxiliary nurse midwife/health worker
Qualifications: 10th
Duration: 18 months
ANM offers nursing course training, which is for people living in rural areas Related to needs, especially children, mothers and old people.

GNM – General Nursing and Midwifery
Eligibility: 10 + 2
with Biology, Physics and Chemistry Duration: 3 1/2 years
GNM Nursing Course Candidate, General Nurse, Who works as a member of a health care group, and maintains the first-rank status in both hospitals and other places.

B.Sc. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Eligibility: 10 + 2
with Biology, Physics and Chemistry Duration: 3 to 4 years.
BSc Nursing Course Nursing, first aid, midwifery work, and others Provide basic knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of nursing.

M.Sc. Nursing – Master of Science in Nursing
Eligibility: BSc Nursing Course
Duration: 2 years
MSc Nursing Course A nurse is a nurse specialist in a wide variety of professional settings, administrators, consultants, teachers and Enables researchers to become.

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