SSC CGL 2018-19 General Intelligence and Reasoning Preparation Strategy in Hindi

According to the latest notification of the Employee Selection Commission (SSC), the SSC CGL Tier-I-2018 exam – first from 25 July to 20 August 2018 was scheduled to be held, it has been postponed. Now you have enough time to prepare. In order to pass this exam, you will have to identify the sections in which you can solve the maximum number of questions accurately and get higher marks.

General Intelligence and Reasoning is considered to be one of the highest scoring sections of the SSC CGL Tier-1 exam. This section examines your ability to think and solve problems. The questions asked in this section are mainly of brain-teasers and sometimes it is very difficult to answer.

So, we have compiled its detailed syllabus and analyzed the chapters so that you can score high in this section. But before the analysis, let's take a look at the exam pattern of the General Intelligence and Reasoning section in the SSC CGL 2018 exam-

SSC CGL Detailed examination-plan

to pass the examination in 30 days

Examination Pattern of General Intelligence and Reasoning Section

Before starting the preparation, it is compulsory to understand the pattern of this test. This section shows 25% of the total marks in Tier-1 exam. So let's take a look at the examination pattern of the General Intelligence and Reasoning section in the SSC CGL Tier-I-2018 exam:

SSC CGL In Tier-1 exam there are 25 objective questions in the General Intelligence and Reasoning section and each ] The question is of 2 points . In this examination, for every wrong answer the penalties of 0.50 [9459005] would be .





















Chapters in the General Intelligence and Reasoning section, Syllabus

Knowing the exam pattern, the next steps are to understand the chapters of General Intelligence and Reasoning section. Under this section, the main topics included in the SSC CGL Tier-1 Examination are as follows:

SSC CGL Tier- 1 Examination ( Objective Type)

Number of Questions

Maximum score

Total time

General Intelligence and Reasoning



60 Minutes

General Awareness



Quantitative Aptitude



English Language and Comprehensive
















































Number of Questions Asked


Both word based and numerical


Odd pair (both word based and numerical)


Missing characters





Mathematical Operations


Seating arrangement (Linear and Circular)


Blood relations



Direction Sense




Venn Diagrams

Assumption or Inference or Conclusion






Cube and dices


Sequence of figures

Matrix (Finding missing numbers or letters)

Paper-cutting, folding, punching

Mirrors and water reflection

Configuration, fitting pieces, odd pieces, etc.



Strategy for SSC CGL exam


Let's analyze the topics of logical referencing mentioned in the above table in detail –

SSC CGL 2018 Policy for Preparation of Quantitative Aptitude: Detailed and detailed analysis


  1. Coding-decoding: Coding-decoding questions are basically examined by the ability of students to understand the coded language. In each question of this topic, a word and its coded form are given. Candidates have to understand the logic behind this coding and then put the same logic on the given word and answer in the coded form.

  3. Sequential arrangement: The questions related to seating arrangements are generally asked mostly on this topic, which are also very important under logical reporting. In these types of questions, individuals are placed around a circular organism in a systematic order. They are either standing around this Mange or are sitting. In this section, questions related to other topics such as Blood Relationships, Ranking, Puzzles and Direction Sense etc. are also asked.

  5. Logic based: These questions are based on logic in which intensive thinking is needed and it takes too much time to sort out. In the case of questions related to syllogism, you need a wen-diagram representation so that there is no confusion.

  7. Miscellaneous: Occasionally questions related to clock and calendar topics are also asked in the Tier-1 exam.

  9. Non-verbal: Questions in this section are discussed in the topics such as Pictorial Analogies, Symbol series, symbolic operations, numeric patterns, spatial relations, space visualizations, spatial reasoning, mirror image and space image Are.
  10. [1945904]

    SSC CGL Tier-I Topic-wise analysis of General Intelligence and Reasoning section

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<p> The Verbal Reasoning section covers 66% of General Intelligence and Reasoning and the question is often <strong> Series, Ranks, Direction, Arrangement, Coding, Decoding, Analogy </strong> <strong> and Classification / Odd Pair Topics such as Syllogism and Statement Conclusion </strong> are asked. </p>
<p> Non-verbal rearing section- covers 34% of General Intelligence and Reasoning, and questions often <strong> Figure Formation, Dice, Triangle, Rule Detection, Images, Completion of Pattern, Mirror Images, Figure Matrix [Topicsarecalledfrom</strong> <strong> and Paper Folding </strong> <strong> </strong> etc. <strong> </strong>. </p>
<p> [1945900] <strong> SSC </strong> <strong> Top 10 candidates for the candidates </strong> <strong> Inspiring statement </strong> </a> </span> </p>
<p> <span style= SSC CGL Examination 2018- How to prepare for the General Intelligence and Reasoning section and get high marks?

    Let's [ SSC CGL Exam 2018 to address the questions of General Intelligence and Reasoning section Take a look at the different ways –

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<p> </p>
<li> <strong> Improve Logical Skills </strong>: As this section examines the ability of the candidates to think and solve the problem, the candidates need to keep their logical and analytical skills accurate. </li>
<p> </p>
<li> <strong> Concepts on Concepts </strong>: Candidates should pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal conceptions. The understanding of directions should also be accurate. Such as where the East, West, North and South direction are, etc. Series are a very important topic in which efficiency is very difficult to achieve. </li>
<p> </p>
<li> <strong> Practice of Last Year Papers </strong>: Practice Past Year Papers as Possible. But do not forget to follow the current pattern of examination, because the pattern of exams varies from time to time. </li>
<p> </p>
<li> <strong> Make a proper study plan </strong>: Follow a proper strategy and time table for all sections of the question paper. </li>
<p> </p>
<li> <strong> Do not make unnecessary assumptions: </strong> Always remember that the question can be solved only by the information given. Therefore, do not make unnecessary assumptions or decisions when solving the problem. Use smart and appropriate tricks and methods to solve any problem. </li>
<p>[1945900] </p>
<p> <span style= SSC CGL 2018 Examination: Things to keep in mind while preparing for General Intelligence and Reasoning Section and solving questions

    Let's [ SSC CGL Take a look at different ways for high scores and intensity in all four sections of the Tier-1 exam –

    [1945952] SSC CGL How to pass the exam in the first attempt?


  11. Regular Practice : A habit of solving the question papers and mock tests of the past year. This will improve your speed and accuracy. It is also important to solve the previous year's question papers because many of these questions are repeated and repeated.

  13. Practical Topics Practice: Candidates should first focus on important topics as per the above mentioned analysis.

  15. Focus on Weaker Sectors: First focus on your weaker areas and spend more time on improving them. Put less time on more time and stronger areas on weak areas.

  17. Read the full first question: Candidates are required to remove the mistakes by reading the first incomplete question which eventually results in wrong answers. Read the questions carefully and see what is being asked.

  19. Remember the sequence of the alphabet : Always remember the sequence of characters as to which character before / after the character and besides this you have the numerical position of this character (1- 26) should also be remembered.

  21. Time Management : Give more time to your strong field at the time of the examination. With this, you can use the test time efficiently. Remember that there will be no sectional deadline or sectional cut-off in the examination. So your general purpose is to increase your score by any means.
  22. If you [ " SSC CGL 2018 Strategy of General Intelligence and Reasoning Preparation: SSC If the information provided about Topics-wise detailed syllabus " For more such information about exam 2018 Visit .

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