The thief disappeared from the way, the cameras beat the gang

11 seen in footage as a substitute of seven thieves
Police with the assist of CCTV to route thieves

Gwalior The police, which is taking seven individuals underneath suspicion in the theft of 20 lakh cellphones and cameras from the Electronics showroom, can also be doubtful about their depend.

In addition to those seven suspects on Sunday, the motion of four extra individuals has been proven. The CCTV footage is being scrutinized once more to search out out the members of the group of 4 thieves or their hyperlink. On the different hand, the seven individuals who have been recognized as suspects in the theft have gone lacking after going to Tirahe close to the mall.

Where did the congregation go from there. Has not been detected CCTV footage was searched all through the day on Sunday to trace their route. Now the crime department crew will also be launched for investigation.
Inderganj TI Shailendra Bhargava instructed that some route has been revealed for the escape of seven individuals suspected in the theft of 100 cellular and 150 digital cameras in the Manish Sales showroom in the early hours of Friday. But the end result can’t be reached from that.

Till yesterday, the police had been getting entangled in the story of market watchman Karan Thapa that seven thieves had gone in the identical auto in entrance of him. So, for about 34 hours, footage was searched looking for the auto during which the thief was seen sitting satisfied. But no such auto was proven. Rather, the footage caught the watchman’s lie that he was not himself in the market whereas the thieves escaped. The thieves had left earlier than he arrived.
The motion proven close to the mall then disappeared
TI Bhargava instructed that after the chowkidar’s story was disturbed, the footage was reconstructed and the thieves had been seen strolling close to the showroom for a very long time after which two autos got here to them and stopped. After that the thieves’ motion was seen close to DD Mall. Here seven are seen crossing the street on foot.

But simply behind them, 4 extra youths are seen hanging the Pitthu baggage on the again like skeptics. This has led to confusion about the variety of thieves. Who is that this 4 individuals? They usually are not linked to thieves. The 4 youths are additionally seen going after the seven suspects going ahead. Arriving at the nook of the mall, all the suspects went lacking.
Anticipating the park of thieves right here
It is feared that the thieves got here from a non-public automobile, their automobile could also be parked at the nook close to the mall right here. Sitting there, the gang fled.

There can also be no digital camera from right here to Markandeshwar temple and Phulbagh intersection. Therefore, what occurred in such a chunk of street, it has not been revealed. On Sunday, a CCTV positioned in the Padao space was additionally searched to find the thieves.

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