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As the time for the exam comes to an end, the need to give more time to the study increases. Because in the last months, the whole syllabus has to be repeated, due to which the expectation of normal days takes longer. If someone is preparing for competitive examinations like Entrance, SSC, Banking or IAS, then they may have to study for 10 to 12 hours. Studying for any exam for a long time can be difficult and stressful. Many times students sit for 10 to 12 hours after a lot of effort, but they can not concentrate in studies.

Through this article we will learn about some of the methods of studying with which you can double your ability to study. You can get a unique advantage by making small changes in your teaching methods. At the same time, you can achieve better results in less time.

So let's know about some special methods of learning

Understand your body clock and ensure the right time to study

Every person has separate body clocks. If it relates from study, it can be understood in such a simple way that in a time of 24 hours, this happens when our efficiency is at the extreme limit. At this time when we do any work we can do it in a better way. Some people get up early in the morning by reading and remembering more. While many people understand more than reading at night and remember well. So before starting any exam, please analyze your Body Clock.

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The next full day plan

Students wake up and go to coaching and school. People who go to some office also prepare for competitive examinations, they have to go to the office early in the morning. In such a situation, if you do anything without planning every day, you will not get anything. Therefore, proper planning is the first and most important step to do any work. If you have to clear any exam in a year, then you must have a full year (or every month's) plan. However, the plan of the whole year and every month is just a blueprint (or blue print).
The most important thing is that the next plan of what you are going to do the next day should be completed in the night. The next day you must keep in mind that if you are able to complete the plans or targets set by you in the night, or if you do not [
If you are early in the morning (4:00 AM to 5:30 AM) If you get up and start studying, then you will be able to get enough time to study along with your work till 11:00 PM.

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Mixing techniques of study

Some people say that even after getting up early in the morning and studying till late night, syllabus can not be ended or they can not get sufficient time. So those people should pay attention to the technique of studying. Nowadays, the busyness has increased so much and you can not get the chance to study with just notes. In this case, you can also use YouTube to understand a topic. If you want, you can save by clicking on the photos of diagrams, maps, etc. in your smartphone and you can see and understand it when you need it. These methods are very helpful during traveling in a bus or train. You can also read some other methods of study from here |

Take special care of the duration of the study

While studying or planning for studies, keep the focus of study period in mind. Some people easily study for 1 to 2 hours but for many people it is difficult to read continuously for 1 hour. It is important for these people to take small breaks during the study or mix the techniques of study given above. Do not refuse the time of these small breaks while making a full plan of study. You should make any study plan according to your ability. If you read 1 hour later today, then there will be no magic after 1 month that you will start reading 6-9 hours continuously.

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Dieting that develops physical exercise and brain

If you are preparing for any competitive exam (or are about to start), please make tea coffee and fast food as soon as possible. As we know, in the healthy body itself is the home of a healthy mind. If a person is sick or suffers from various types of diseases then he can not concentrate his mind and its direct effect will be on the preparation of his examination. Therefore, physical exercise and healthy diet are important to improve concentration. By doing a quick aerobic exercise such as walking, jumping jacks, running, increasing the amount of oxygen in your brain, and you can study more concentration and for a long time.

Avacado, berry, broccoli, whole grains, fish and pumpkin seeds are examples of such food that will have a great effect on your work efficiency after eating.


Whether you are preparing for board exam or a competitive exam, using the methods given above will definitely give you good results. In the beginning you may have to face some difficulties in adopting these methods. But after some time you will definitely get success. The most important thing is that whenever you study and read as much as possible with concentration.

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