Trump’s first reaction, when the results were clear, said – ‘the person will tell if I will be president or not’

The results of the presidential election in the United States have been clear and are pointing to the crowning of Biden by the American public. President Donald Trump said in his first response to this, “This time will tell whether I will be President or not”. Trump’s assertion is taken into account essential as a result of he and his campaigning staff have been accused of rigging the voting and counting of the presidential election.


On the different hand, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo has given an announcement on Monday that Donald Trump will stay the President. However, Trump has taken a delicate method to the situation for the first time. Per week has been elucidated by the results, however no such assertion has come from Trump as far as to simply accept defeat underneath the democratic course of.

May quickly depart the White House

Now Trump doesn’t have a lot time, Electoral College has to satisfy subsequent month and earlier than that Trump will have to simply accept his defeat. Electoral assembly is to be held on December eight and voting on 14. Legal issues additionally should be handled earlier than this. It is believed that Trump will quickly congratulate Biden and depart the White House.

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No lockdown once more

Donald Trump said about the Corona vaccine that by 2021 subsequent 12 months, all Americans will obtain the Corona vaccine. Trump, nonetheless, said that the lockdown would now not be imposed in the US. He said that there isn’t any want for it.

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