UN’s nuclear institution is puppet of Western countries: North Korea

North Korea referred to as the UN’s surveillance program linked to nuclear applications IAEA a ‘puppet’ and stated it ‘danced to the tunes’ of Western international locations with a hostile perspective.


North Korea underlined the ‘gross discrepancies’ within the data gathered by the United Nations Monitoring Agency relating to its nuclear program, saying these had been primarily based on ‘hypothesis and pretend details’.

North Korean envoy Kim Song stated these items throughout his speech on the UN General Assembly assembly. Here, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) government officer Rafael Grosi described Pyongyang’s nuclear actions as ‘extraordinarily regrettable’ and a ‘blatant violation’ of Security Council resolutions.

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No IAEA inspector has been current in North Korea since 2009 as a result of Pyongyang sacked him. The company, in its report on September 1, 2020, stated that Kim Jong-un ought to reinstate the officers who carried out the inspection work.

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