Worship of mother Shailputri meets power and desire, Goddess Siddhidatri, nine-day worship ritual

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  • Navratri Duga Mata Nine (9) Days Puja Vidhi | Shardiya Navratri 2020 Pujan Vidhi Mantra | Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kalratri

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  • Different goddesses are worshiped in Navratri
  • 9 varieties of Maa Durga are talked about in Markandeya Purana

Navaratri has a practice of worshiping the 9 varieties of the Goddess. There are 9 goddesses within the Markandeya Purana from Shailputri to Siddhidatri. Performing particular worship of these goddesses in Navratri eliminates all types of issues and sorrows. Pt. Ganesh Mishra of Kashi states that the title of every goddess is based on his specific type and the shape of the goddess is based on his power. Hence, in Navratri, in the future has been mounted for the worship of each goddess. Due to which the particular worship of each goddess will get completely different outcomes.

Pt. Mishra states that worship of Goddess Shailputri offers power. At the identical time, fame from worshiping Brahmacharini Devi, focus from worship of Chandraghanta, mercy from Kushmanda, success from Skandamata and worship of Katyayani Devi removes obstacles in functioning. Along with this, the victory of enemies by worshiping Goddess Kalratri, progress from Mahagauri, worship of Goddess of Pleasure, Aishwarya and Siddhidatri, fulfill needs.

Verse of 9 goddesses in Markandeya Purana
First Shailputri f Second Brahmacharini. Third Chandraghantetti Kushmandetti Chaturthkam.
Panchamam Skandamateti Shashtam Katyayaneti Ch. Saptam Kalratri Mahagauriti Chashtamam.
Navam Siddhidatri Ch Navadurga: Prakritita. Utkanyeteni namani Brahmanaiva Mahatmana.

Goddess Shailputri: The first type of Maa Durga is called Shailputri. He was born right here to Mount Himalaya. Hence, he was named Shailputri. His automobile is Taurus i.e. bull, he has trident in proper hand and Padma i.e. lotus in left hand.

Goddess Brahmacharini: Goddess Brahmacharini is worshiped in one other type of Maa Durga. According to the Markandeya Purana, for a few years, he has overcome tough tenacity and demons along with his powers. These Goddesses are idols of grace and kindness. There is a garland in his proper hand and a lotus in his left hand.

Goddess Chandraghanta: The third type of Mother Shakti is called Chandraghanta. These Goddesses are blessed by their devotees and are the last word benefactors. They shield faith by destroying evil forces. His brow has half a moon within the type of an hour. They are well-known as Chandraghanta. In his ten fingers, he’s carrying weapons like a sword and is driving on a lion. It kills enemies and demons with the mere sound of horrible bells.

Devi Kushmanda: Goddess Kushmanda is worshiped within the fourth type of Durga ji. She is a resident of Surya Loka and has a really quick tempo. Being the mother of all of the universe, she known as Kushmanda. He has eight arms. In which, to guard the devotees, there are kamandal, bow, arrow, lotus, flower, nectar kalash, chakra and mace. Their rides are lions and they overcome the enemies, ailments, sorrows and fears of their devotees.

Goddess Skandmata: The fifth type of Goddess Jagadamba is Skandmata. She is the mother of Lord Kartikeya i.e. Skanda. They have God Skanda within the decrease arm of the proper hand. They have lotus flowers of their fingers and they’re in a boon-giving posture and give the specified fruit to the devotees.

Goddess Katyayani: The sixth type of Goddess Durga is Katyayani. She is about to mourn Mahishasura. This type is manifested by the parts of the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Goddess Katyayani was first worshiped by Maharishi Katyayan, since then she is legendary by the title Katyayani. They have 4 arms. His fingers are in Abhaya Mudra and Vermudra. His arms have swords and lotus flowers. She rides a lion and offers her devotees faith, that means, work and salvation.

Goddess Kalratri: Goddess Kalratri is the seventh type of Mother Bhagwati. Goddess Durga appeared in a horrible Kaalratri type to guard the devotees. He has 4 arms and three eyes. Their colour is black. They are fierce and fierce. Flames come out of his nostril. They journey donkeys. Worshiping them removes all types of struggling.

Devi Mahagauri: The eighth type of Maa Shakti is worshiped as Mahagauri. These are Gauri like flowers of the Moon and Kunda. For this cause, they’re referred to as Mahagauri. They have 4 arms. His journey is bull. He is holding Abhayamudra, Vermudra, Trishul and Damru in his fingers. He attained Lord Shankar by way of tough penance. Worshiping them offers desired outcomes.

Goddess Siddhidatri: The ninth type of Jagadamba Durga is Goddess Siddhidatri. They are going to provide all of the achievements. Goddess Siddhidatri is of 4 arms. They sit on the lotus seat and maintain chakra, mace, conch, and lotus of their fingers. It is all-encompassing and removes sorrows.

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